GOD SAYS: I NEED TO Talk To You Right Now | God Message Today | I LOVE JESUS |

my child I pray that my love envelopes

you that my healing Grace lifts you up

and that my presence brings you comfort

as you travel through this

journey your circumstances are being

transformed by God and he is bestowing

upon you and your family a more happy

and prosperous

life each and every one of your wounds

will be healed and each and every

setback will lead to an incredible

comeback type yes heavenly father if you

believe you remind yourself that God is

always with you providing you with

comfort and strength whenever you find

yourself overcome with sadness and

tears in the event that you were in need

of this information Jesus says that you

will experience a warm and healing like

filling every Cor corner of your home as

a result of the special power that God

possesses always keep in mind that God

is more like a Shepherd to you and he

will provide you with everything you

require for all of eternity his love and

goodness will be with you each and every

day today you will be blessed with the

love healing and abundance that you have

earned and your entire family will be

saved from

suffering type yes God to

affirm the prayers that you have been

praying are being answered angels are

coming to help you and God Is providing

you with financial assistance to help

you have faith in the process my dear

friend because it is through the highs

and lows that Miracles will find their

way into your

heart the time has come for you to make

a successful

comeback I will restore everything that

the adversary has taken away from you

and your life will be filled with

blessings on a level that has never been


before it is imperative that you remain

in close proximity to the presence of

God and Faithfully follow his guidance

as this week will be filled with

blessings that have never been seen

before I know that many of you have

found yourself in a difficult financial

situation and I want you to know that I

am right here with

you I will guide you into the most

amazing season you have ever experienced

including myself and I will also lead

you to the abundance that I have planned

for you simply type to receive those

blessings believe in faith and

positivity if you agree three type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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