God Says: I Need To Reach You Urgently, Don’t Ignore | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my child I am your God the one who fills

your life with boundless Grace and

NeverEnding Mercy when you find yourself

in the depths of Despair I am the hand

that reaches out to lift you up in times

of pain I am your Solace your Refuge

your unwavering strength Just Like an

Eagle I strengthen you and my Eternal

Word soothes the wounds of your heart I

have flung wide the doors to a

supernatural realm where you hold the

power to tread upon serpents and

scorpions and nothing absolutely nothing

can harm you these words I send to you

today are a bomb of Peace a Beacon of

Hope dispelling your doubts and filling

your spirit with Tranquility I am your

ever watchful Guardian watching over

your very Soul especially in these times

when the world’s challenges besiege you

daily Temptations lurk and enemies seek

to undermine you from every corner there

are moments when you feel lost not

knowing whom to trust anymore friends

may turn into foes and even your own

family may turn away when you need them

most but I am here always here my love

for you swells with each passing day you

must not anchor all your hopes

infallible human beings or fleeting

material possessions today I come to

reaffirm my eternal commitment to you as

you Journey Through This World I am am

by your side shouldering your burdens

pardoning your transgressions and

pouring out my Holy Spirit upon you

anyone who dares to harm you will face

defeat and those who lead you astray

shall be held to account many may

attempt to bring you down to cast a

shadow of Shame upon you driven by the

poison of Envy in their hearts but hear

this no one can snatch you from My

Embrace Lean on Me trust in the promises

I have written for you

receive these words as a Herald of my

unfathomable Mercy open your ears and

allow my Divine breath to transform your

thoughts you have many years ahead many

important missions to fulfill there

exists a sacred and marvelous purpose

that beckons you but your sustenance and

strength do not reside in this world or

in the people around you if you seek

profound and enduring blessings if you

yearn for a transformative life for you

and your family

then look no further I am your only

option you are on the right path keep

forging ahead love me with unwavering

devotion let me take the foremost place

in your heart I desire to be your

priority and I ask for no more than a

few moments each day you have been

chosen and accepted through my sacrifice

and Resurrection I know you’re not

without flaws but I have covered you

with my grace you are not a wretched

sinner wallowing in the M of iniquity

turn to my word when guidance is sought

consult your Bible when wisdom is needed

seek counsel from my servants who guide

you for I will speak to you in many ways

be attentive and you shall find success

you are well aware that I have never

promised an effortless existence but

responsibilities and trials shall always

be part of life however there’s a marked

difference when someone like you places

unwavering trust in me I breathe life

and joy into your soul I bestow upon you

a crown of Victory I have seen you

adorned in Robes of white I grant you

Authority skill and courage to surmount

a thousand obstacles to cross a thousand

borders to journey to distant lands and

display my Miracles I Empower you to

remain unshaken a beacon of unwavering

Faith Like a Rock that stands firm an

example for those who falter those who

cling to their past and underestimate

the profound blessings I am pouring upon

them you have sought a message that

stirs your heart I must speak to you

about what you Harbor in the deepest

recesses the secrets you believe no one

else can see but rest assured we both

know if you feel this message isn’t

solely for you and sense the name of

someone who needs to hear these words

then extend it to them act now be a

savior of souls I bless those who serve

me with unwavering death dedication

those who bear no shame in sharing these

words I want you to know that you are

never alone I hold the final say in

everything and that’s why you can trust

that your life rests in my hands I won’t

let you down no matter what others say

or think about you it doesn’t change a

thing they won’t harm you I love you and

you won’t fall you won’t be defeated you

will prosper I will heal your body of

all ailments yours and your families I

will bless you with abundance and peace

this is your time and that’s why you

hear me who told you that you can’t

change whoever said that was lying their

eyes filled with Envy they told you that

you’ll never change that you’ll only get

worse and that you’re destined to fail

but you dare to approach me even though

you thought you were Unworthy of my love

and my attention you found out that my

word my faithfulness and my presence are

real love pours down from the sky like

cascading waterfalls for you you were

hurt by disdain but this rain of

affection has healed you I’ve removed

the Stone from your heart and now in

your chest beats a good simple Heart

full of Faith painted with hope eager to

love and eager to live innocent as a

child strong and unbreakable as a

warrior the past is behind you accept

your reality you are a new person wiser

and full of patience I’m giving you

Tranquility but your part is to pray and

and do what you can to rid your life of

the bad habits and thoughts of the past

protect yourself and take care of

yourself that’s what I do night and day

in times of Darkness do not fear

stumbling I surround you with an

impenetrable shield my light illuminates

you open the door of your heart prepare

to be

transformed receive my Holy Spirit who

will guide you to all truth leading you

by the hand molding you like a Potter

shaped clay fear and doubt have no power

over you no emotion controls you now and

in your heart there is only room for my

love you won’t allow stress or doubt I

love you the promises I’ve made to you

are coming true my will shall be done I

have the final say in everything and you

look so good go and stand before the

mirror admire that Radiance on your face

that I see from here you’ve changed so

much since that day you gave me your

life your soul looks rejuvenated

your gaze carries a spark of Courage

your smile looks so good so different

look at yourself smile I’m speaking very

seriously look at yourself again my

presence flows through you when you

laugh see how the marks of your

Affliction disappear my blood has

removed your stains and your spirit

feels light and gentle you’re no longer

a prisoner of pain I’ve shaken the dust

from your hair I’m drawing silver lines

in the them as a sign of wisdom and

Authority it’s a relief for you to know

that your spirit doesn’t age every

morning when you hear my word you’ll

feel rejuvenated and if you come at

night I’ll give so much peace to your

soul that you’ll sleep peacefully you’ll

wake up joyful Brave full of immense

strength the dreams of Youth will return

to you you’ll appreciate the colors of

spring again in summer you’ll have the

strength to walk and live under the

scorching Sun I will heal your body with

my power and you will rise from where

you are continuing your journey

finishing the projects you started you

won’t fear the cold winter anymore

nothing can stop you you must keep going

you’ve gone through a temporary

Affliction but you about to emerge you

love life and you will live if your

desires had faded I will place new

dreams and aspirations in your heart

this is real this is how the spiritual

life is lived there are many people

around you I want to speak to and you

will be the instrument that’s why I’m

strengthening you so your entire being

rejuvenates and you believe again

thinking with the innocence of a child

you must be like a child if you want to

be with me in the kingdom of heaven and

on this Earth you will see great

blessings stop complaining about your

ailments the best time of your life is

not behind you the most beautiful and

fruitful days are about to begin enter

this door with praise with a Greatful

attitude every morning giving thanks for

all the blessings and the years filled

with happiness that lie ahead I’ve heard

your words I know what you think to show

you that I see those thoughts that

burden your mind and cause you headaches

I want to tell you what you must do you

will calm down because I command it find

a quiet place away from your busy life

close your eyes and do it now close

those teary eyes that need rest I’m

speaking to your heart revealing my will

stop worrying about those you love but

can’t change they have their own ideas

beliefs and character and no amount of

love can change them share this video

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