GOD SAYS ” I NEED 1 MINUTE TALK TO YOU ONLY 1 MINUTE । God’s Message today । #godmessages #god

God is speaking to you today my child

acknowledging the overwhelming weight of

your current

circumstances but take heart for Hope

should not elude you keep moving forward

for I love you

deeply before this month’s end I shall

Grant you a reason to rejoice and

celebrate your laughter shall return

your heart will once again find love and

Trust shall be renewed type amen if you

are ready to receive my

blessings the attacks that Bes you are

but signs of your imminent breakthrough

fear not for I Stand By Your Side and my

angels encircle both you and your loved

ones I am your ultimate Defender and

victory shall be yours in the name of

Jesus if you believe in me type thank

you God and show your support with the

like The Winds of Change are sweeping

through your life and your trials will


dissipate your breakthrough is upon you

for I am your unwavering

Aly no harm shall befall you for heaven

itself guards

you a Divine Force descends propelling

you towards Promised Land of Hope and

peace I foresee a sudden shower of

blessings upon your life healing

abundance and amazement at my

faithfulness stand steadfast and witness

the Miracles I am about to perform in


life know this my child I understand the

burden of stress and the trials of

life it is only natural to feel

overwhelmed however in times of trouble

and distress Surrender Your Troubles to

me for I cherish you

deeply I will restore all that has been

lost and your future will overflow with

abundance type if you are ready to

receive my

abundance may your life be a tapestry

woven with threads of hope faith and

love a masterpiece filled with blessings


miracles thank you so much

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