God Says: I Know You Love Me, Child | Jesus Affirmations | God Message

my beloved child you can think of me as

the beginning and the end I am real I

have always been real and I will always

be real even though everything around

you is crazy I am the almighty there are

times when you feel like this world is

too much for you to handle just watching

the news can make you feel scared things

happening in the world and changes in

the economy seem to be getting out of

hand this is why it’s so important to

look at me I am the beginning and the

end the one who built this world and

doesn’t exist in time the end of this

world is known to me just as its

beginning is known to me I not only know

everything that will happen but I also

have complete power nothing is out of my

control because I am the almighty the

more helpless you feel in the face of

life’s problems the more Comfort you’ll

find in having faith in my power don’t

forget that I am also full of kindness I

am the Lord who comforts his people and

cares about those who are hurting you

can get through your problems because I

am both all powerful and kind so be

happy sometimes you might even break out

in song I give the weak new strength and

make the tired strong again people put

in a lot of work to get stronger because

they live in a world where weakness is

often looked down upon so they use

stimulant to hide how tired they are

despite this being tired and weak are

normal parts of living in a broken world

and in a weak body I want you to come

into my presence with complete faith and

lay your tiredness and weakness in front

of me it got old for me because I lived

with you for years when you’re with

me you can let down your guard and tell

me how tired you really are allow

yourself some time to be with me and

enjoy the glow of my love as my face

shines upon you I’ll bless you and make

you happy don’t rush this time with me I

use it to heal you on a spiritual

emotional and even spiritual level raise

your arms in prayer asking me to be with

you right now prepare to receive a lot

of joy peace and love that never changes

keep an eager eye out for my arrival

Christ wait for me and I will answer

your call you have hope because I am God

your savior and that truth will never

change if I were just just a human

savior my death on the cross would not

be enough to save you from your sins you

would not be saved if I were divine but

chose not to come to Earth as a human

savior but since I am your savior God

you have every reason to look forward to

me keep a close eye on your life for

signs that I’ve stepped in as you wait

don’t get tired have faith that I will

indeed hear you in reality I am always

hearing your prayers and the spirit’s

please for you even if they are just

just groans you should believe that I am

in your situation and working hard for

you remember who I am and take deep

breaths in my calming presence this is

the only way to find hope I am the one

who made you will take care of you carry

your burdens and save you let my

unwavering love help you feel better

something that brings Comfort should

never change and my love will never do

that my comforting presence is always

with you but you have to fully trust me

in order to fully enjoy its benefits not

only does comfort help your health it

also makes you feel strong you get

stronger and more able to do the things

I have set out for you when you rest in

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