my dear child I know sometimes it feels like your prayers are disappearing into the air without an

answer life can be like a big stormy sea tossing you around with one challenge after another you

might feel tired and lost but come closer to me my beloved child and take a moment to rest

listen listen carefully to what I want to tell you you’ve been trying so hard to handle everything on

your own forgetting to let me help you give me all your worries and trust that I’ll take care of them

stop running after things you can’t control and instead let yourself feel the peace I’m offering

you trust in me and everything will be okay I promise to help your loved ones keep safe those

you can’t be near and give Comfort to those you miss even if they feel alone I’m quietly guiding

them even if they don’t know it one day they’ll realize their errors and want to make things

right Dell understand the pain they caused and ask for forgiveness and if you’re worried about

money don’t be it’s it’s only a temporary problem instead of fearing the future focus on finding me

and learning from what I teach I’m always watching over you keeping you safe and happy you belong to

me and I’m always by your side guarding you from bad things keep trying your best but don’t worry

too much remember I promise to take care of of you every day I’ll take care of everything you can’t

control like your health your life your money and your family just trust me I care about you

very much my dear you can always feel my love when I’m with you remember all the times I’ve

helped you and Trust in my love that never runs out I promise you a happy peaceful life

with strength from your spirit keep believing in yourself and your dreams and you’ll succeed

in everything you do you’re going to get lots of good things that you can’t even think about yet

these are better than just wanting toys or stuff that makes you happy for a little while your life

will be really full like having lots of treasures inside you that make you feel happy and strong you

won’t need everyone to like you or say you’re cool I’ll give you a strong heart inside that

helps you face anything tough you’ve been worried about what others think wanting them to like you

and scared they won’t but it’s time to stop that worry instead find peace in me believe in me and

talk to me every day think of this as a special message from me showing how much I love you I’ll

always be here for you caring about you without asking for anything in return I’m happiest when

you’re kind and help others so focus on me and everything will be okay always believe in me

and keep your love strong share that love with your family every day remember I’m always with

you as steady as a rock close your eyes feel the calmness I give and give me your worries

even when you feel unsure about yourself know that I’m here because I love you you aspire to

draw nearer to me yet you find yourself hesitating restrained by apprehension ions and anxieties in

these moments uncertainty Creeps in burdening you with the Echoes of past pains I urge you

to attune your ears to my voice Let its soothing Cadence men the wounds of your heart hear me as I

inscribe these words into the depths of your being I cherish you deeply You Are unencumbered by any

constraint infolded in my tender embrace you are safeguarded under my watchful gaze while today

may bring its share of challenges hold on to this sensation know that I am by your side Whispering

words of Solace ensuring you remain anchored in my presence impervious to the sway of transient

emotions or the Allure of distraction I’m like a SP darkk in your heart shining bright to help you

in dark times when you feel scared or sad my light will shine brighter than anything else

leading you like the sun guides the day nothing dark can win against my endless light any trouble

you face will disappear because of me I want to show you how much I care listen for me all the

time when you hear me know it’s me telling you something special I am anointing you with sacred

oil showering you with Abundant Blessings I am here to relieve your mind of any doubts that may

Cloud your thoughts should you stumble know that my forgiveness is readily available to purify and

lift you up it is not within my nature to witness you succumb to fear drown in guilt or dwell in the

shadows of past errors my intention is not to accuse or inflict punishment upon you as I have

always emphasized my sole purpose is to envelop you in love if punishment were my objective you

would not be in my presence think about it again and accept the love I’ve been giving

you don’t reject it right now you have a choice to make one path leads to truth and everlasting

happiness while the other leads you away from me choosing to follow me won’t make life easier but

you’ll always have my help and support whenever you need it my spirit will comfort you when you’re

sad and my words will give you wise guidance my child my door is always open for you no matter

if it’s bright day or dark night whenever you need to talk to me with your true and sincere

feelings don’t hesitate to come trust me with your family and I promise to take care of them with all

my love if you give me your heart I’ll keep them safe from anything bad I’ll fill their lives with

happiness blessings and calmness and I’ll protect them from any trouble like when someone is not

fair or if they feel hurt by others your home will be surrounded by lots of angels who will always be

there to keep you safe from harm so whenever you feel scared or alone just remember I’m here for

you and your family always I never change change I’ve always been here and I always will be like

the Earth spinning and the stars shining in the sky I’m always around you if anything tries to

harm you I’ll stand up to it you don’t have to be scared of anything or anyone your family is never

alone because I’m with you all since you were born I’ve been waiting to talk to you like this to tell

you that good things are coming your way I picked you gave you a name and you belong to me no matter

what I won’t ever leave you not even if one day you feel like you’ve had enough of me when you

feel like giving up remember how I’ve always been by your side helping you when things were tough I

brought you calmness and guided you through hard times when others were gone I looked at

you with kindness and my love for you never runs out every day my love for you gets stronger no

matter what happens even if things are tough or if we have lots of good times my love will keep

growing whether we have lots of money or very little whether we’re sick or healthy I promise

to stay with you you forever I’m always here for you and I’ll never leave your side so don’t worry

about anything nothing in the whole wide world can take away the love peace and happiness I feel for

you I love you very much and today I want to fill your heart with joy you are strong and brave like

a superhero ready to win even when things are hard I’m here for you keep going after your dreams and

stay strong when problems come be as steady as a mountain and don’t let worries stop you let go of

scary thoughts and believe in yourself no one can crush the dreams in your heart stay true to your

goals even when things get tough believe in your dreams because I believe in you I’m always here

supporting you every step of the way be brave and strong and never give up because with trust and

courage you can do amazing things your faith makes me happy and proud anticipate criticism from those

who envy your progress disregard indiv indviduals who ridicule or label you as zealous for adhering

to my principles maintain your forward momentum with the resolve of a champion those who doubt

you will inevitably Fade Away perplexed and disoriented refuse to heed the voices attempting

to divert you from your path your journey has brought you this far and you stand on the verge

of receiving abundant bless blessings it would be regrettable to relent at this crucial juncture I

handpicked you not for failure but for Triumph in my divine plan your Victory is inevitable I

bore the ultimate sacrifice enduring the agony of the Cross solely for your sake if these words

reach you understand that I am keenly aware of your struggles I your omnipotent Creator

have singled you out showering you with blessings for your unwavering faith and loyalty your very

existence is a testament to my boundless love let the memory of My Sacrifice always resonate within

you your past does not dictate your future trajectory amidst the chaos of life you have

consistently placed your trust in me you have sought refuge in my comforting Embrace finding

solace in my unwavering presence take comfort in the assurance that under my watchful gaze

you are eternally secure embrace the tranquility and Elation that stem from knowing you are under

the Divine care of your almighty God believe in me for I can wash away all your mistakes and forgive

you completely keep this belief strong in your heart look ahead with hope because I’m going to

do something amazing in your life just like you love and trust me know that I have forgiven you

too don’t keep blaming yourself or thinking about past mistakes I’ve thrown away all your wrongs

where they can’t bond you anymore it hurts me to see you upset about the past because of what I did

for you your heart is clean and your mind is fresh now let my teachings fill your soul speak words

that bring life and joy to others delve into my promises and directives each day engaging in deep

reflection remain steadfast avoiding the Allure of Darkness remember your journey holds purpose

chance does not dictate your future embrace the Assurance of being cradled within my protective

Embrace sheltered beneath my nurturing Wings even amidst adversity I stand as your unwavering Shield

nurture your intellect with the wisdom imparted through my teachings guard against the influence

of those who seek to undermine you with their words and deeds I implore you to refrain from

revisiting relationships or environments that tempt you toward former habits let your spirit

radiate warmth resisting the encroachment of bitterness or indifference know that I have

meticulously crafted a future for you abundant in Vitality tranquility and blessings devoid of

sorrow or despondency by prioritizing me in your life by anchoring yourself in my teachings by

bestowing upon me the sovereignty of your heart you align yourself with my divine plan Embrace

this Covenant with determination and resolve for it is through this steadfast commitment that you

shall find fulfillment and purpose listen carefully to what I’m about to say and keep

it close to your heart I’m like a warm hug around you always watching over you even when things feel

really tough remember this message when you’re sad instead of feeling lonely think of me I’m right

there with you always if you need me just ask and keep me close in your heart you don’t need to cry

anymore don’t let your tears feed the sad memories in your heart the past is gone and it won’t come

back don’t let thoughts or lies make you feel bad inside remember how I gave everything for

you even on the cross to take away your mistakes with my powerful love remember when I came back to

life I did it to make your dreams come alive change your life for the better and give you

Everlasting happiness you faced tough times but you never gave up now you’re rising up again

you’re like my special child full of my strength today you’ll keep going toward good things things

no matter what tries to stop you I’ll give you Smarts clear your path and get rid of anything

blocking you you’ll see good stuff coming back to you things you thought were gone forever the

secret to getting Freedom success peace and good things is to believe in me and keep going forward

without being scared of problems or people who want to bring you down now that you understand

my intentions for you to provide blessings and support it’s time for you to heed my guidance

take action based on my advice have faith in my words actively seek me rise up and move forward

toward your Triumph you are under my care and I am committed to blessing you because it is my desire

and within my capability I will uphold my promises to you without fail trust in me and extend your

hand to me during challenging times so that no adversity can disrupt your peace and confidence

I’ve always been by your side never leaving you alone even in tough times my plans for you are

bigger than you can imagine leading to happiness and success that lasts forever when things get

hard remember to have faith and hope start your day by talking to me keep me in your thoughts all

day and before you sleep spend some time with me your honest prayers make me happy even if

you can’t see it now your prayers bring joy to the heavens When you pray for your family’s safety and

well-being it touches my heart listen carefully and you’ll hear my answer even if everyone else

leaves you alone I’ll always be there for you if others who say they love you let you down remember

that my love for you is even stronger I’ll never let you down your life your future your health

I’m looking after them all treasure them keep them safe and don’t forget how important they are don’t

risk losing the good things I’ve given you treat them with care and gratitude if you take good care

of the small things I give you even when times are tough I promise that good things will come

your way your kindness and love make me happy and I want to give you even more good things forever

when you’re sad remember I’m here to comfort you you are special to me and I loved you even before

you were born will you let me give you my love and blessings I’ve given you a strong heart to face

many challenges you’ve been brave and overcome them before and you’ll do it again I’m here to

give you peace stand and Tall because you’re meant to succeed you’re not someone who gives up easily

I’ll help you you’ve asked for good things and now there’s a big chance in front of you even if you

can’t see all the good things coming don’t worry clear your mind be good in your heart and listen

to me I’ll always give you the advice you need walk beside me don’t be afraid keep going with

courage because I’ve helped you before and I’ll do it again I really want to see how strong you

are in sticking to what you believe in how loyal and faithful you can be and how much you truly

trust it’s not just about saying you care it’s about showing it through your actions if you

give me all your love and Trust you’ll beat any challenges that come your way even if people try

to hurt you with lies they won’t succeed in the end I’m here to give you everything you need and

I promise I’ll always be here for you forever so don’t worry about threats or scary things because

you’re like my special treasure always safe under my protection I want you to talk to God

God for your family your words to God are strong and helpful you’ve noticed many times how talking

to God helps right now your family might seem okay but they’re having a hard time inside when things

are tough for your family go to God and really ask for help I will protect your family spiritually

keeping them safe from bad things making them healthy giving them good ideas and showing them

special chances allow me to empower you with the strength to navigate familial challenges

with Grace and love through me you’ll find the serenity to communicate with kindness ensuring

your words bring Solace and avoid causing harm dive deep into empathizing with your loved one

comprehending their struggles and offering them Comfort by holding them close and gently soothing

their worries let your touch become a condt for healing and empowerment alleviating their

suffering freeing them from burdens and nurturing their wounded Hearts share my comforting words

with your family ensuring that my assurances are etched into the fabric of your home where Reverend

for my name is Paramount witness as issues dissolve and a sense of Tranquility permeates

your household as my presence envelopes you all in peace Embrace this journey of compassion and

understanding knowing that I am guiding you every step of the way enabling you to Foster

an environment where love Reigns Supreme and Harmony flourishes together we shall overcome

any obstacle emerging stronger and more united as a family a special time is coming when you’ll see

amazing changes happen in people’s lives they’ll grow and become better and even those who feel

lost will find good things coming their way just stick close to me don’t let any bad feelings make

you doubt because my plan is strong and will always succeed no matter what happens and at

home it’s important to have someone who truly Believes In Me who prays with love and strong

faith that someone is you direct your prayers toward your family and you’ll witness barriers

crumbling before you Paving the way for Triumph know that I hold deep affection for you and for

your loved ones your concerns regarding your children have not escaped my notice they are

securely cradled In My Embrace trust that as you intercede for them I am diligently safeguarding

them from life’s adversities providing Solace even beyond your immediate awareness your dedication in

nurturing and sacrificing for your children does not go unnoticed they remain under my Vigilant

protection keep doing what you do as a mom because that’s what you were meant to do I know you might

feel worried sometimes but I’m here to help you feel calm and strong I’m looking out for

your kids all the time like a big protective hug I’m always watching over them making sure they’re

okay even when you’re worried about them I know you’re worried about the choices your children

make and the people who affect them keep praying a lot let your prayers be everywhere in your house

tell your kids about a mom who believes so much and loves so much that she praise for them every

day tell them again and again about my love for them that I’m real and I really care about them

make sure they know I have a big true plan plan for their lives believe in this truth deep inside

your heart I am determined to see you thrive which is why I created you picked you and placed

you exactly where you belong your success doesn’t depend on bad news or the world’s troubles nothing

happening around you can stop the good things I have planned for you from reaching you but it’s

up to you will you have faith in me or let others negativity bring you down will you stick to my

teachings or listen to those who want to lead you astray they don’t want to see you happy or

successful I’m warning you they want to harm you don’t let them crush your spirit imagine you’re

in a warm hug feeling loved and protected picture yourself surrounded by peace and kindness believe

in yourself and trust that good things are coming your way you are cared for and supported no matter

what happens you’re like a precious child held in strong Loving Arms always looked after don’t worry

about those who try to bring you down because I’m here to take care of them just keep your faith

strong and you’ll overcome any challenge that comes your way even when things seem hard and

people try to bring you down don’t worry I’ll be there to help you those who are mean to you

will end up feeling bad themselves they might try to bother you but I’ll protect you you’ll see one

day they won’t bother you anymore some might be upset because they can’t hurt you but they don’t

know that God is on your side keeping you safe keep trusting and believing you can do anything

when you act remember I’m right there with you keep moving ahead strong in the belief I’ve

given you I’ve made you strong enough to overcome any problem even the toughest ones you’ll face

challenges but you’ll come out on top remember you’re never alone you become Brave leaving fear

and worry behind stand tall and keep going good things are coming your way you’re meant to achieve

great things I am here to help you no matter what happens I give you strength when you feel weak and

make things better I bring happiness and peace to your family and home things will change for

the better soon I will make sure only good things stay with you and bad things go away forever ever

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