God Says: I Gave My Life For You, Don’t Lose Me Again

beloved child in the vastness of

existence there is a holy link between

us a close bond that goes beyond the

physical world I want to share the depth

of my love with you and put into words

the essence of my presence which flows

from my heart to yours all the time your

journey with all of its many goals and

plans has caught my full attention I

have seen all of your accomplish ments

no matter how small or big your heart

wants the Divine Waters that wash away

despair like a delicate flower that

wants to eat with all my heart I extend

my hand to you eager to pour out the

Limitless love that comes from the core

of my being when life throws you

curveballs you look for comfort in the

safety of my unwavering love I’m with

you every step of the way and my voice

will echo in the safety of your thoughts

as a soft whisper that reminds you of my

Everlasting and kind love for you the

world may look away but I will always

look at you see you hear you and love

you no matter what as you travel through

the different parts of your world

remember that making everyone happy

isn’t your job instead you should find

refuge in me alone desires on Earth can

often Lead You Down dangerous paths but

in my love you’ll find a life that is

richer and deeper than any temporary

Treasures some of your wishes may not

come true but that’s so that bigger

blessings can come your way but know

that my love for you will never change

even when your needs aren’t met trust

that the deep love I have for you will

last even when other people’s love

waines my love goes beyond the limits of

this world and gives you unimaginable

strength to help you get through

anything as signs of My Endless Love

love small and large Miracles will

happen in your life believe in me beyond

what you can see or feel because my love

goes beyond what you can understand hold

on to The Guiding Light of my love that

takes away your doubts and shows you the

way when things are rough let the

refrain of my love ring in your heart as

the sun rises and sets like a Sweet

Symphony that plays through every part

of your life find comfort in my eyes

relief In My Embrace and peace in the

fact that I will always love you share

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