God Says: I Don’t Want You To Cry, My Child | God’s Blessing Message

my beloved child hold on to my promises

during the hard times and believe that I

love you and have control over

everything with this Faith you already

have the victory every morning get up

with faith and determination and keep

moving forward nothing can stop you your

path to Victory starts with a prayer

every morning at times it can be hard to

fully trust me and put all of your trust

in me especially when it seems like I’m

not responding to your pleas do not

think about those doubtful things

instead focus on what I am teaching you

pray and pay attention to the good

things going on around you I’ll come to

light your way when you’re having a hard

time I’ll hold your tired arms give you

rest and make your faith stronger my

promises will be etched in your heart

giving you strength and sweetness like


honey don’t ignore my calls stay in

touch with me make sure your pillow

doesn’t block my voice when I wake you

up early to talk don’t West your mours

on pointless things put prayer a heat of

notifications that take away your time

and desire to connect with me get bravy

be strong and let go of things that are

making you weak as soon as the light

comes on in your room get down on your

knees and present your petitions as

meaningful gifts offer your prayers if

you’re strength starts to fade ask me

for help from now on good things will

happen to you other people’s plans to

hurt you will not work because you are

with me and I am inside you we will

never lose if we work together Don’t

Stray From what I teach you because I

will never leave you remember that you

are my beloved child and I will bless

you today tomorrow and always I know

that your problems may seem too big to

handle right now but please give me a

moment listen with your eyes CL closed

I’m putting my right hand on your head

to wash away your worries fear is washed

away by a river of living water that

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