God Says: I Don’t Want You To Cry My Child | | God Message Today |

my beloved

child fear of punishment goes hand inand

with fear if someone has wrongfully

punished you or treated you badly it’s

normal to be afraid of making mistakes

anxiety can make it hard to make

decisions and even stop you from moving

in these situations to fix things keep

in mind that I am with and for you I

will always always love you even if you

don’t do everything perfectly nothing

not even the worst things you’ve done

can separate you from my love the way I

make decisions and the way I act are

much harder for people to understand

still trust me no matter what even when

you don’t understand how I do things

because I am infinite and eternal my

wisdom and knowledge are beyond what

humans can understand from forever to

forever I have always been there I am

God but I am also o the word made flesh

and dwelt among you I fully identified

with people taking on a human body and

dying a horrible death to save those who

believe in me even though you don’t

understand how I do things my selfless

life and death give you many reasons to

trust me your loving Savior and

Sovereign Lord are infinitely wise so

you can be happy you can also come to me

at any time by Whispering my name I will

always be close enough to whisper to you

now and forever after your death I am

Emmanuel which means god with you and I

will always be with you all people will

be judged by my truth and the right way

of the world there are many good things

and encouraging words in this promise it

means that evil will be punished one day

and my perfect Justice will rule forever

you have nothing to fear because you

follow me and are clothed in my

righteousness but people who refuse to

believe will have a lot to fear one day

time will run out and everyone who turns

me down will have to face my wrath they

will beg the mountains and rocks to hide

from me the one sitting on the throne

and the anger of the

Lamb I will judge everyone based on what

I know is

true absolute truth is a concept that is

often questioned but it is still a fact

no matter if they believe in it or not

people who don’t believe will eventually

come across this Truth for all of you

who believe my truth is a solid base on

which to build your life work play and

praise me this is a strong reason to be

happy and sing the light of the Gospel

of my glory is the most valuable thing I

can give you this is what makes the

gospel such wonderful news it makes the

way for my glory I set you on a path to

heaven when you trusted me to be be your

savior giving up your sins and spending

all time in heaven are great blessings

but I have something even better planned

for you I made my light shine in your

heart and the knowledge of my beautiful

face lit up your soul I want you to

truly seek my face so that you can enjoy

the Blissful knowledge that I am here

with you knowing something through

experience or study is one meaning of

the word knowledge another meaning is

all that one has seen heard or learned

to know me you have to become aware of

me feel my presence and see my light the

God of this world tries to make people

who don’t believe in him blind but you

can see my glory and know me you will

have a frustrating life if your main

goal is to please yourself you think

that everything should go your way

because you think that you are the

Center of Your World I am really the

center of everything and it all revolves

around me so be careful with your plans

and always look for my face and my will

it works out well for everyone if things

go the way you planned be happy and

thank me when your plans don’t work out

pray to me and be ready to give up your

will for mine share this video with your

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