God Says: I Don’t Want To Leave You, My Child | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child I want you to know how

much I love you from the bottom of my

heart I want you to know that I am

always with you and will never leave you

even though your days have been hard and

testing I had plans for your life before

you were born I wanted to bless you make

you rich and give you a bright future

there are times when you may feel like

you have no idea what to do but I want

you to trust me and follow my lead yes I

will never leave you even if you’ve gone

off track many times I am the way the

truth and the life I’m ready to forgive

you and start over whenever you want my

love for you is complete and will never

end there is no sin flaw or other thing

that can separate you from my love dear

child I want you to know that you can

trust me and that I will bless you with

all of my love and grace I will give you

the happiness and peace your heart needs

you can trust me with your life and I

will make you truly happy where fear and

pain have no place I am your father and

I will be with you with my winning right

hand I will strengthen you and help you

don’t feel bad about the things you did

wrong in the past trust what I say today

and believe what I say give yourself

over to me and I’ll carry your burdens

and ease your worries I am your God and

I will watch over you all the time do

not let bad luck or the short-lived

pleasures of this world control your

life instead you should say sorry for

the wrongs you’ve done that have caused

chaos and destruction in your life I

will help you get through anything if

you are humble and give me your whole

heart there is nothing too hard for me

to handle when it comes to my love for

you take a moment to remember that even

a small amount of faith can move

mountains if you trust me nothing is

impossible let me give you my favor

Grace and blessings right now my beloved

child lift your hands to the sky have

the courage and Faith to face today with

the strength peace and Grace I send you

remember that I love you and will never

leave you believe in me and get up I

will give you the strength faith and

courage to beat them and move on look

I’m coming soon and I’ll bring you a

reward to thank you for your faith and

hard work so be brave and stand firm

because I will give you you the Crown of

Life keep believing in my promises my

beloved child they are true and will not

change keep in mind that my love for you

will never change even if the world

around you seems crazy and uncertain I

love you very much and I will always be

by your side helping you through good

times and bad do not give up when things

get hard because I am your strength and

your Refuge when you feel weak come to

me and I will make you strong again lose

your fear and worry because I know

what’s best for you and will lead you in

the right

direction remember my child that the

world’s standards and short-lived

accomplishments do not determine your

worth just because you are mine and I

called your name makes you valuable

accept that you are my beloved child and

let my love give you strength and

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