God Says: I CHOSE You To See This For A Reason | | God Message Today |

my beloved child I want to talk to you

more and more about different parts of

your life enjoy your journey through

life with me let my love that never

changes be your comfort Comfort eases

sadness gives strength and gives hope

these good things come from my love

which will never fail you no matter what

is going on in your life you have to ask

for help from me before my love can

comfort you and make you feel better I’m

always available and happy to give you

everything you need I completely

understand you and what you’re going

through my understanding is deeper than

yours so don’t think too much about

yourself look Inward and leave me out

the moment you realize you’ve done this

say a simple prayer to me help me Jesus

and remember that I am the most

important thing in your life take it

easy in my loving presence and feel

better you will have hard times in this

world but don’t worry I have already won

over this world do not let evil take

over instead use good to beat it it may

seem like bad things are always

happening in the world and people may

call bad things good and good things

Evil all of this can be too much if you

don’t keep in touch with me the horrible

things that happen in the world make me

sad but they don’t surprise me because I

know how evil and dishonest people can

be it is impossible for people to do

wrong things unless they have saving

faith in me the way the world is right

now should not make you sad instead I

want you my followers to be lights in

the darkness it’s more important than

ever to do good things when bad things

seem to be winning sometimes this means

actively fighting the wrongs that bother

you other times it means doing what you

can to promote biblical goodness in a

way that fits your skills and situation

instead of complaining about bad things

work for good things a lot of people

pick and choose which parts of

themselves to pray for me some people

are afraid to talk to me about things

they think are embarrassing or shameful

about themselves some people are so used

to having painful emotions like

loneliness fear guilt and shame that

they forget to ask for help dealing with

them some people get so caught up in

their problems that they forget I’m even

there but I don’t want this for you

there are parts of you that hurt that I

want to heal some of them have been with

you for so long that you think of them

as part of who you are and don’t even

realize how they affect your life I want

to set you free and help you walk freely

you may however be so used to painful

patterns that it will take some time to

break free you can only heal completely

by letting my loving presence touch them

over and over again as you become more

free you’ll feel my happiness grow

stronger longer if you are tired come to

me and rest in my presence I’m always

here for you and ready to help you

forget about me sometimes but it’s easy

for you to get distracted by other

people’s needs there are different ways

to say these expectations such as being

harsh or gentle making you feel guilty

or not Etc but these demands can become

too much to handle when they build up if

you feel like you can’t handle these

heavy loads anymore please ask me for

help help you out by having me carry

those heavy things for you come to me

with the things that are making you feel

down and I’ll shine a light on them so

you can see the way forward the same

light will calm you down and make you

stronger as it goes deep inside you let

my healing holy presence fill your heart

raise your hands in joyful worship and

let my blessings flow freely into you

loved one take some time to rest with me

and let me bless you with peace

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