God Says: I Can’t Ignore You, My Child | God Message Today

my beloved child you will have peace

wisdom wealth good health and holy joy

in your life because of the blessings

that come from above and cover you

completely all of your dreams will come

true if you’re with me you’ll feel my

presence inside you and you’ll never be

the same your face will shine with

happiness and peace and everyone around

you will notice get up early tomorrow

and pay close attention I will clearly

tell you in my voice that I will never

fail you because I love you very much no

matter how things are going for you I’m

sending you this message of Peace

because I heard you say today that you

needed it at this very moment you can
Message of Peace

feel the peace filling you as I breathe

Divine strength into your soul the most

beautiful prayer you can say is one of

thanks just open your mouth and say it

hey don’t worry I hear you just fine
Use Your Faith

before you even called I sent my answer

but I want you to use your faith and not

just rely on your own strength all the

time remember that even though you are

very smart you shouldn’t depend on your

wisdom alone remember that you don’t

know everything so be smart and humble

as in the real world dangers and traps

wait for you in the dark like a roaring

lion pay attention and mean what you say

I hope you get what I mean you will feel

my Holy Spirit wrap around you when you

come to listen to me and I won’t let you
I Wont Let You Go

go until I can tell your heart is calm I

will not let you walk through life full

of fear and hopelessness every morning I

will knock on the door of your soul

because I want you to get up early

before anyone else in your house wakes

up as you start your day get down on

your knees in your room and be quiet

feel free to come I’ll be waiting for

you with open arms my beloved child

today you radiate with joy and happiness
My Beloved Child Today

and you are about to receive Grace from

kind-hearted Souls who will share their

own blessings with you I urge you to

Proclaim to everyone who strengthens you

and loves you deeply speak with

confidence and from your lips shall flow

words of life and hope you shall never

stray far from me never lose sight of

this sign that I have given you the

Forgiveness of your sins made possible
Words of Life and Hope

by my shed blood which cleanses you and

grants you eternal life I shall Delight

in being your father and you shall Revel

in the gifts and wonders bestowed upon

you by me your descendants shall be

blessed and numerous like the grains of
Your Future

sand by the Sea know that I remain the

same one who loved you and gazed upon

you with Mercy yesterday who loves you

more with each passing day your future

rests in my hands but I require your

faith I implore you not to ignore this

message do not underestimate this medium

through which which I speak I have

chosen humble hearted individuals to

bring you my word and Proclaim it to the
God Is Good

world these three beautiful and divine

words God is good I was am and forever

shall be your dearest love and kindness

I am good because I am also the author

and creator of Faith with my hands I

signaled the creation of the universe

and with my wisdom I established the

boundaries of the Stars the galaxies and

all the elements necessary for your

existence you were formed from dust and

one day your Earthly body shall return

to dust while your spirit patiently

awaits by my side for the appointed time

I shall transform your dustmade body

into a holy Eternal indestructible one

everything in your life has a purpose

you are my greatest treasure and you are

in my hands I loved you when you were

distant and I I shall continue to love

you despite any mistakes I remain the

same yesterday today and for all

eternity my mind does not waver I

personally sought you when you felt

disappointed and sought an easy way out

of your pain I showed you that life and

peace are not behind a false facade you

must persevere through the process face

suffering and place your faith in my

word walk without faltering holding my

hand so you may reach the long desired

freedom and Triumph reclaim the
I Witnessed Your Tears There

conviction that you are a person of

great worth I witnessed your tears there

and wept alongside you as a true friend

so you would feel safe and choose to

keep fighting because I fight alongside

you I assist you when you ask and I
My Heavenly Army Stands Guard

fight for you when you are weary my

heavenly Army stands guard around you

when you feel exhausted at times you do

not even realize the countless things I

have saved you from I will open your

eyes to the super Supernatural world so

you can witness my warrior Angels

fighting Fierce battles to protect you

race through each new day as it comes

accept not only the things going on

around you but also the state of your

own mortal body your holy duty is to put

all of your trust in me and find comfort

in my divine power and unwavering

loyalty you will have days when the

demands of the world and the weakness of

your body seem to tip the scales days

when it feels feel like the world’s

weight is tooo much for you to carry in

those tough times you have to make a

very important decision do you give up

in despair or do you trust me know that

I will never leave you even if you

choose the first option by accident you

can come to me at any time and I will

help you get out of the muck of sadness

I will give you my strength one precious
Limitless sufficiency

moment at a time giving you everything

you need for the day trust me and rely

on my presence to help you don’t let the

thought of not being good enough weigh

on your soul instead hold it up as a way

to reach my Limitless sufficiency when

you feel like you don’t have enough

resources you naturally want to worry

and stress admitting that you aren’t

good enough and being thankful for that

is the most powerful way to fight this

temptation being your own Savior and

provider is no longer necessary because

of this know that because you are flawed

you need a save who is all powerful and

perfect someone who can meet all of your

needs through a mix of quiet reflection
Your connection grows stronger

and action I can get to all of my

resources your connection with me grows

stronger when you spend time by yourself

with me waiting for my divine

presence the people who are patiently
Work hard

waiting for me work hard so that you can

do what you can’t do on your own however

there is a lot you can do when you go

about your daily tasks and draw strength

from the source I provide I am praised
You are greatly blessed

and you dear Soul are greatly blessed

when you feel like you can’t handle how

inadequate you are please don’t hesitate

to turn to me I will meet you with love

when you are in the depths of your need
I will meet you with love

as the world seems to fall apart know

this my beloved your life can stay a

safe haven of goodness I know you want

to take charge of your life but this is

not the path I have planned for you in

my sovereignty I want you to learn how

to be calm and see each day as a

precious gift from me no matter what it

brings know that you are not responsible

for things that are out of your control

except that you only have a short time

here on Earth and keep turning toward me

stop your NeverEnding struggle and

recognize my Divinity even the worst

days can be made better by the light of
Stop your neverending struggle

my smile shining on

you let me walk you through the details

of today one step at a time being a true

follower of mine means you have to deal

with constant spiritual battles in the

spiritual world even the most ordinary

things you do every day can cause small

fights because of this stay alert as you

walk with me through the Maze of Life

protect yourself with the shield of

Faith to stop the evil one’s fiery

arrows recognize and ignore the lies

that the evil forces that attack you day

and night are telling you rest Sweet

Child in the fact that you are my

beloved child in whom I take pleasure

amen press Amen to show that you agree

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