God says: i Beg For Your 2 minutes, Will You Give? |

my beloved child love and comfort are

closely linked most of the time soothing

words and a soft hug are the best ways

to help a young child feel better when

little kids are in trouble they

naturally turn to their parents for help

you should do the same when you’re

feeling down come to me for comfort rest

in me my beloved and enjoy the soft

Embrace of my presence

listen to my song of Happiness over you

to get the most out of my comforting

words remember Bible verses that say I

love you remember that I love you no

matter what with a love that will last

forever thank you for coming through my

Gates and praise my courts a Heart full

of thanks is a Heart full of joy and

that is what I really want for you

should you forget to give thanks your

soul suffers many of my children who

live in poor countries are happier than

those who live in Rich countries with

lots of material things even the most

plentiful blessings can’t make you happy

if you don’t accept them with thanks I’m

teaching you to thank me not only for

the obvious good things that happen but

also for things that you would never

have chosen like a child or spouse going

astray or losing your health home or job

this kind of gratitude goes against what

you might think and you can only show it

if you trust me very much it also takes

selfcontrol control to choose to thank

me even when your situation begs for

help you should look for ways to make

things better but you can’t rush me or

tell me what to do please keep coming

into my presence with thanks in your

heart your unwavering gratitude could be

the key to ending problems that have

been bothering you for a long time for

me being thankful can open doors in ways

you can’t even imagine enjoy the hope of

my glory many people use the word hope

to mean Wishful things thinking I have

hope because I know the truth is

absolute I promis that all of my

children would share in my glory and I

will keep that promise also I have

unlimited power infinite power to make

this happen hope always looks to the

Future to things that haven’t happened

yet so you must wait patiently for me to

keep these promises remember that

patience is a fruit of the spirit if it

seems hard to find ask the Holy Spirit

to help help you be hopeful while you

wait for me to come waiting can be

boring if you don’t have something fun

to do or someone interesting to be with

enjoy the knowledge that you are waiting

with the one who made and keeps the

universe going when you are with me I am

infinitely smarter and more creative

than anything you can think of enjoy the

unique honor of being with me right now

and forever more everything both in the

heavens and on Earth could be seen and

couldn’t be seen was made made by me I

made you and will save you I give you

Every Breath You

Take it’s a good idea to thank me every

morning for giving you life no matter

how you’re feeling this act of thanks

gives you a link to me your living

Savior and helps you get through the day

everything is held together by me there

are a lot of things pulling you in

different directions and your life often

feels like it’s broken up because of

limited time and energy you can only

take advantage of a small number of the

many opport unities that are open to you

this is why it’s important to set

priorities and share your ideas and

plans with me so I can help you when

everything in me fits together your life

makes more sense and has a greater

purpose in times of trouble I am a safe

place to go people who trust me are

important to me I promise that I am Holy

and always good even when the world is

in chaos I am light and there is no

darkness in me share this video with

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