God Says: I Beg For Your 2 Minutes Today, Don’t Skip

my beloved child I know that your

problems may seem too big to handle

right now but please give me a moment

listen with your eyes closed I’m putting

my right hand on your head to wash away

your worries fear is washed away by a

river of living water that flows from my

Throne those who are against you will

always look bad you will feel calm and

peace even when there are battles going

on and fear and anxiety try to take over

your mind all of these problems will go

away and in their place will be a Divine

sense of well-being if you feel like the

weight of the world is about to crush

you during life Storms remember that I

am here don’t let fear or doubt take

over remember that my love will always

be there for you remember that I am the

light that guides you when you don’t

know what to do next always remember

that you are loved beyond measure as you

go through life

every tear you shed is seen and heard I

care about your dreams and I see how

hard things are for you I am your

constant friend your compass and your

rock solid anchor please trust me my

sweet child accept the path I’ve set for

you even if it comes with problems

doubts and hardships remember that you

are loved with a love that is greater

than anything you can understand this

day and every day I am with you and hold

you close in my

love take a deep breath and enjoy the

new courage I’m giving you today I love

you please know that I want my love to

flow through you you understand what I

mean and what I mean as you go out and

help those people in your thoughts I

will continue to bless you every time

you show gratitude your gifts and

talents will grow I’ll open the windows

of heaven and let the good things come

down from above this lovely attitude of

appreciating what other people have done

will not only free you emotionally and

financially it will also free you from

debt I will give you chances help you

grow your skills and lead you to new

adventures people will look up to you as

an example of wisdom and they will ask

you for advice this is how you will

share the source of your wealth my word

your faith and your prayers are the

tools I give you to get through trials

and beat your enemies and troubles

these are the weapons you have being

thankful will light up your heart and

guide you take what you hear to heart

and watch as you start to live your life

from Victory to Victory even if the

world is full of Storms and Chaos

sweetness will be by your side and many

people will gather around you without

hurting you bad things can’t hurt you

this journey is almost over I hope these

words have touched your heart and made

you feel something

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