God Says: I Beg For Your 2 Minutes, Don’t Skip Please | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child do not be afraid or

give up because I am both the infinite

God and your loving savior I am

omnipresent which means I am also

present everywhere at once this lets me

go ahead of you and show you the way

while staying by your side no matter

where you go or what problems you face

the promise that I will always be with

you will last this is what gives you

courage and confidence fear and

hopelessness may sneak into your heart

from time to time but they don’t belong

there your heart is where I live and

these feelings don’t come from me in

fact my perfect love takes away all fear

so check your heart every so often to

see if it’s filled with fear and

hopelessness ask the Holy Spirit to get

rid of them if you feel like they are

getting in the way then let my promise

to go before you and be with you give

you new hope it makes me happy to try to

please you you can’t make me happy

without faith Faith you must really

believe that I am real and that I reward

people who really try to find me it’s a

good idea to live to please me both for

the rewards in heaven and for the

happiness here on Earth I am meant to be

the center of your life the Sun that you

revolve around you stay in your rightful

orbit as long as you enjoy me serve me

and want to make me happy living for

yourself on the other hand will lead you

astray keeping me at the center of your

actions words and thoughts is hard your

mind is where this battle starts so work

on making every thought your slave and

obedient to me read my writing to find

out what makes me

happy remember how much I love you

knowing how much I love you will help

you stay in orbit around the sun

enjoying the bright pleasures of my

presence even when things are broken you

can find happiness dear one when you’re

dealing with a lot of problems and

trying to find solutions that only lead

to more problems it can be hard to be

happy if you keep trying to find answers

your problems may become too heavy for

you to

carry so remember that I am with you in

trouble and working in your situation

because I’m so smart I can turn bad

things into good ones beating evil with

good thank you to find happiness in hard

times find me ask Jesus help me find you

in the midst of this mess as you

separate your feelings from your

problems and connect them to my presence

you change your bad mood slowly changes

into one of light and hope I let you see

things from my point of view as you

abide in me staying connected to me will

help you be happy even when things are

broken be sure of this my love the road

to Heaven is wide open in front of you

I’m always with you on your journey and

I know every turn and twist of your path

you may I think that problems and limits

are in every way but your vision is

limited I only want you to take the next

little step and keep trusting me your

life is a journey of faith and I will

always be there for you I will not

change even if your understanding wanes

you need to stop thinking about your

problems and limitations and start

believing that the way forward is open

even though it doesn’t look that way I

am the way to the Father in heaven and I

went through a a lot of pain so that you

could have eternal life no one else will

have to go through what I did when

you’re having a hard time take the next

step and thank me for making the way to

heaven clear remember that you are not

alone as you look for happiness I will

always be by your side to help comfort

and love you I am with you every step of

the way so Let My Words wrap around you

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