God Says: I Beg For Your 2 Minute, Don’t Skip | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved

child remember that my presence can make

even the hardest climbs more fun keep an

eye out for the pleasures I’ve planned

for you and take some time to enjoy my

company you might think that the heights

only mean the top of the mountain you’re

climbing but if you stop and think about

how far you’ve come you’ll see that

you’re already on a high spot take a

moment to calm down and look loving at

me the beauty of my presence is all

around you take the hope I offer and you

will feel a lot better as a Christian

you were born with the hope of heaven

and that wonderful promise brings many

good things into your life now but keep

in mind that seizing hope is an active

process that needs your work as Paul

taught you must keep going until you

reach your goal and then live up to what

you’ve already done to do this you need

to hold on to the Heavenly hope that all

good things things come from one of

these blessings is encouragement which

you get from me for free when you hold

on to your hope and think about what I

have already done like dying for your

sins what I am doing now like living

inside you and what I will do like

leading you to eternal glory please hold

on to Hope beloved because I love giving

you lots of gifts you will find a lot of

encouragement I am Emanuel which means

god with you and I am a enough it’s easy

to trust that I’m enough when things are

going well when you have a lot of

problems at once though you might think

that my help isn’t enough during this

time your mind is likely to be racing

with ideas for how to make things better

it’s good to look for answers but it can

turn into an addiction a cycle of

overthinking that wears you out to keep

your mind from getting tired tell

yourself I am always with you and taking

care of you even when things are hard

you can choose to be glad in me and say

that I am enough this is a supernatural

work made possible by my spirit living

inside you it’s also a choice you make

every day every moment pick to be happy

in me your savior because I am truly

enough put down your problems for a

moment and look at me imagine that you

are standing on a beach with lots of

pebbles at the edge of an endless ocean

the problems are these Pebbles which

stand for you your family your friends

and the whole world

as you pick up and look at each Pebble

more closely they block your view of the

beauty all around you it’s common to

pick up another problem as soon as you

put down the first one because of this

you miss the beauty of my presence and

don’t get my help the ocean stands for

me an endless beautiful presence that is

always with you don’t worry about the

Pebbles even if it’s just for a little

while I want you to fully experience my

presence and accept my unwavering love

say Jesus I I choose you and get close

to me through prayer I choose to look

for you when I’m having trouble do this

over and over until it becomes a

pleasant habit that keeps you close to

me on life’s path you can even find joy

in your pain because you know that it

makes you more determined and

determination builds character which in

turn builds hope problems that hurt you

can make you more hopeful in the long

run but it doesn’t always happen that

way as my spirit leads you through time

of suffering you must follow him in

today’s world where everyone wants quick

fixes perseverance is a rare trait but

facing hardships with trust and

confidence in me will make you more like

Christ in the next life there will be no

more problems and your new character

will be a blessing to you and everyone

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