God Says: I Am Your Vindicator | God Message For You Today | God’s Message Now

let not your heart be troubled you

believe in God believe also in me John

dear listener with social media so

many people can hide behind being

anonymous and say hurtful critical

things to try to make you feel small

unattractive and not good enough at

times it may seem as though there’s a

campaign against someone but it’s

usually just a handful of bullies haters

and envious people you can’t stop that

from coming but you can ignore it let it

bounce right off you the trick of the

enemy is to try to deceive you into

thinking about it all the time and then

it contaminates your life don’t let the

poison in don’t even bother to read it

when it gets negative don’t call a

friend and ask them what someone might

be saying about you don’t let your heart

be troubled let God take care of it you

don’t have to defend yourself God is

your Vindicator just run your race stay

focused on moving forward and he will

take care of the rest a prayer for today

father thank you that you are my

Vindicator and you will protect my

reputation as I keep on honoring you

help me to let any negative chatter

bounce off me and not read it or listen

to it I believe that you will handle it

your way in Jesus name amen like if you

believe in


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