God Says: I Am Trying To Reach You, Don’t Ignore Me

dear Child come to me when your heart

hurts tell me you trust me and let the

love that surrounds you fill your heart

inhale the peace that goes beyond

understanding that comes from being with

me please take your time my dear spend

it with me and enjoy the pure joy of

being with me you need to find a place

that is quiet and lets you think about

me only reject the thoughts of problems

and plans in the real world that try to

get into your heed give me a loud yes

yes to my happiness yes to my peace and

yes to my unwavering love living in

close communion with me is about going

beyond what this world can offer even

though this world is full of problems

remember that I have already solved all

of them I want you to get past your

problems by looking at me and telling me

I trust you Jesus you give me hope

saying these simple prayers over and

over will give you the power to live a

Transcendent life with me in the

Heavenly Realms I’m making you into a

person who can get through anything no

matter what is going on around them dear

one don’t get stuck in the shadows of

the past history can teach you important

things but don’t let it take over your

mind no matter how badly you want to

change the past it can’t be done

if you want something that can’t be had

come to me and pour out your heart don’t

forget that I am your safe place always

put your trust in me and make your faith

stronger by saying those precious words

over and over I trust you Jesus those

four words have the power to make your

worst days better when you trust like a

child the heavy clouds of worry Blow

Away look I’m making a new path for you

keep your eyes open so you can see the

amazing things I’m doing in your life

ask me to open up the deepest parts of

your mind and heart so you can see the

many opportunities I have placed along

your path do not get stuck in a routine

that makes it impossible for you to see

the wonderful things that happen every

day remember that I can make a way when

it looks like there isn’t one everything

is possible with me I want you to feel

the warmth of my presence right now my

beloved Believe In My Endless Love and

let it help you get through the hard

things in life when you’re tired come to

me for comfort I am always here for you

know that I am always here to hear what

your heart is saying I hold you in the

palm of my hand and love you more than

words can say so let’s get closer trust

me and let our relationship grow in your

heart like a flower garden share this

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