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God is saying to you today

my child I am urging you not to dwell on

the things going wrong in your life

instead open your heart in prayer

seeking Divine help and intervention


the challenges you face will soon pass

you’ve already endured numerous lessons
Youve endured numerous lessons

now God trusts you with remarkable gifts

you’ve persevered believed and pushed

forward even when the path seemed

impossibly hard
Your faith has not gone unnoticed

your faith has not gone unnoticed

type yes I believe to affirm your belief

in our Holy Father

my dear child I understand the weariness

that weighs upon your heart

it often feels like the struggles in

your life are never ending doesn’t it

just when you conquer One Challenge

another storm Looms on the horizon

you might even feel as if you’re stuck

in a cycle of setbacks and your faith is

tested daily

you’ve likely found yourself wondering

where is my God in all of this
I have not forsaken you

why is this happening to me

but let me reassure you I have not

forsaken you

even in those moments when it seems like

things are getting worse I am at work on

your behalf
Dont give up

you mustn’t lose hope don’t give up

your breakthrough is on its way and a

miracle is destined to unfold especially

for you


type amen if you believe

my beloved child brace yourself for

Change and breakthrough

you’ve cried out to the heavens and your

cries have been heard

God is orchestrating something new a

fresh start

can’t you see it

in the midst of the Wilderness a path is

being carved and in the driest

wastelands streams are flowing
A fresh start

type if you believe

it’s time to start making room for what

you’ve been fervently praying for

because it’s already on its way to you

I’ve got you and I ask you to control

your mind and let go of worry

it’s okay to take a moment to rest and

find solace in the Stillness for it is

in these moments that I will provide you

with the Breakthrough you seek
Bless you abundantly

I am here to bless you abundantly

type yes Lord to affirm your belief

live with unwavering faith in the mercy

and Grace of the Almighty

a new season is Dawning upon you


declare it in your prayers for God’s

blessings are pouring forth upon you

may God’s Abundant Blessings and Grace

be with each and every one of you

type amen if you believe in Jesus our

Holy Father amen

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