GOD SAYS: I AM IN YOUR ROOM। God Message | Gods Message Today

my child always remember the struggles

you’re facing right now won’t last

forever those who have doubted you will

eventually see your success and be

proven wrong I’m surrounding you with my

Divine protection along with my warrior

Angels who are ready to defend you from

any harm your destiny is safe in my

hands type yes heavenly father if you

believe at as you’re Almighty and

Sovereign my love for you is eternal

patient and gentle I’m committed to

fulfilling my purpose in your life just

trust me and don’t let the negative

words of others get to you their

criticisms will fade away with time in

the crazy journey of life don’t let

despair bring you down my love is like a

Guiding Light always there to give you

hope Embrace This Love and ignore the

negativity of those who doubt you my

love shows itself in many ways giving

you the strength to stand strong against

the opinions of others before you start

believing the doubters remember that I

know you better than anyone else I see

your kindness and the path I have set

for you you have a loving family and

loyal Friends by your side follow my

guidance be humble take care of your

loved ones and show compassion to those

in Need You Are Meant To Be A Force for

good in your

community your actions will inspire

others to follow the path I have planned

for you I give you the strength to

spread blessings to others and be a

channel for

Grace trust in me and let go of worry it

only drains your energy have faith in my

promise and find peace in knowing that

everything will unfold as it should

believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for

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for true love genuine peace and

unwavering Faith you don’t need to look

any further than My

Embrace in the midst of life’s

uncertainties find comfort in my

boundless love there’s no other source

that can offer what I can a love without

conditions a peace that goes beyond

understanding and a healing that reaches

deep into your soul type yes Father to

affirm I offer this blessing freely

without expecting anything in return all

I ask for is your wholehearted devotion

unwavering loyalty and steadfast

commitment to the New Path I’ve set for


my child trust me as we intertwine our

fingers allowing me to guide you to

Peaceful Havens where Tranquility Reigns

Supreme your satisfaction is my top

priority I aim to fill your being with

love and

tenderness don’t be afraid of challenges

I’ll always be here to support you I

understand your vulnerabilities which is

why I’m speaking to your heart now

instead of wandering long lost in

confusion and despair take a break in my

presence forget about the uncertain

future and Chaos in the world focus on

what truly matters strengthening family

bonds nurturing your spirit and finding

Enlightenment through my guidance and

prayer type Amen to affirm your belief

show kindness and forgiveness to those

who hurt you even if they continue to do


show boundless Love by turning the other

cheek just as I sacrificed for my

children you too can make a difference

in the lives of your loved ones in times

of turmoil and conflict keep your faith

strong pray for your loved ones and

their struggles while actively seeking

what truly matters don’t let fear take

hold in your heart or the hearts of your

loved ones even when everyone else is


anxious I’m here by your side always

loyal and never leaving your side get

ready for whatever fate throws your way

While others are scared you’ll witness

amazing things the call to Freedom Is

Ringing loud and clear but for now find

comfort in prayer let faith guide you

and were fearlessness like armor against

the unknown Trust me when I say that

with me nothing is

impossible your love means everything to

me and I have the power to heal and

comfort you I’ll always be there to

support you guide you and lift you up in

my presence you’ll feel Clarity and

Purity wash over you in my arms you’ll

find peace protection and the

unconditional love you’ve been longing

for the tough times of feeling alone and

lost are coming to an end forget about

the past struggles and focus on my

promises you’ll never be alone even in

your Solitude because I’ll always be

there with you when you’re tired find

comfort in My

Embrace as your Shepherd I’ll take care

of all your needs and like the way to

Salvation fear has no place in my

presence because with me you’ll always

find Safety and

Security I am anchoring your essence

next to the flowing stream of life where

the fruits of your efforts will not only

benefit your loved ones but also many

others if you seek truth and everlasting

love look no further I am here for you

in times of unexplained pain find solace

in My Endless Love You have no need to


elsewhere While others may claim to love

you their affection often comes with

strings attached always wanting more

they may pretend to be kind making

Promises of Happiness only to disappear

when you need them most no one else can

offer what I can Pure Love Peace healing

and unwavering

loyalty come forward now and accept this

gift of Grace freely given not traded I

don’t want your wealth I desire your

love trust willingness to let go of the

past and excitement to start a new with

me look towards a future filled with

hope be patient and express your

commitment I believe in your promises

wholeheartedly and in return my dear I

appreciate your faith get ready for the

abundance of blessings I will shower

upon you a amen believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for

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