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message my child how many times have you

clicked on a video and then skipped it

after a few

seconds in fact most people only watch

the first % of a video before they


interest but what if I told you that

this video is different that this video

has something that will change your life

for the better trust me you don’t want

to miss this watch till the end and see


yourself God is saying to you

today my child in this realm no other

entity can bestow upon you the treasures


possess love Serenity restoration


loyalty Embrace this gift without

hesitation it is yours without cost or

Commerce what what I seek in return is

your wholehearted commitment your

unwavering Faith Your Allegiance your

dedication your fervent desire to

forsake the Shadows of the past and

journey forth into a new dawn alongside

me type yes heavenly father if you

believe stretch forth your belief toward

an Uncharted Horizon maintain steadfast

anticipation exercise patience

and Proclaim it boldly with your own

voice I place my Essence in your hands

my dear

believer I pledge to uphold your faith

with every fiber of my being type yes

God if you

believe prepare yourself for an

extraordinary downpour of blessings that

I shall shower upon you to those attuned

to my message I aim to Grant Liberation

and TR an quility in your life

today I am inclined to fulfill the

desires of your heart to remove

obstacles from your path to Champion

your endeavors and to Aid you in

manifesting your

aspirations it is my decree that you and

your kin bask in Perpetual blessings

well-being and prosperity

henceforth type yes Lord I believe if


believe trials will inevitably cross

your path accompanied by adversaries who

seek to derail your journey aiming to

crush your spirits and leave you

defeated but mark my words their efforts


falter though challenges Loom large

trust in my pledge that you shall emerge

Victorious if you cling steadfastly to

belief extend kindness and empathy to

those dear to you recognizing their

virtues and talents and applauding their


actions offer words of Solace and

encouragement to bolster their morale

and zest for Life

daily Embrace their uniqueness for even

if some possess distinct abilities never

underestimate their potential view them

Through My Lens each holds a purpose

Divine type yes heavenly father if you

believe while they may grapple with

flaws and vices presently or encounter

profound conflicts recall your own past

struggles I am privy to your secrets and

frailties yet my affection for you

Burgins unabated never once forsaking

you I refrain from casting judgment on

your failings for dredging up your

transgressions similarly extend such

Grace to others many of whom never

envisioned your present stature through

my guidance and your unwavering resolve

to evolve and transcend you’ve navigated

the journey one stride at a time towards

the shores of

prosperity type yes God if you

believe believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for

those who hold God close to their hearts

express your love with the words I

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$ as a sign of your faith and

dedication listen closely my dear for I

have a sacred decree for you one that

resonates through the corridors of


itself within the sanctum of your Heth

extend your benevolent hand not only to

those nestled beneath your roof but also

to those whose presence flickers in the

farthest reaches of your

affection let your support be an

unyielding Bastion your blessings a

gentle rain upon parched Souls your

prayers a be of Hope amidst tempestuous

Seas encourage them my cherished one

fortify their resolve whisper into the

depths of their Spirits urging them to

persist against the tumultuous tides of

Despair this message my beloved Is Not

Mere happen stance it is a testament to

your destined path you have discerned

its significance and I trust in your

unwavering Allegiance


even as the World rides in the throws of

financial tumult and the ominous murmurs

of conflict your Prosperity shall remain

steadfast a Bastion against the chaos

that seeks to engulf lesser

Spirits promise me dear heart swear upon

the love that binds us that you shall


falter know this my child that beneath

the EES of my power you shall find

Solace and within the Embrace of my

presence you shall discover unwavering

strength abandon not the dreams that

dance like Celestial constellations

within the vast expanse of your

imagination for they are not mere

whimsies of mortal fancy but rather the

Divine Whispers of Destiny

itself I have imbued you with courage my

beloved and fortified your senu with the

resilience to surmount any

obstacle type Amen to affirm understand

my precious one that the dreams that

stir within your soul are not of happen

stance they are The Echoes of my divine

grace bestowed upon you as a sacred

trust pursue them with fervor for they

are the very essence of your being the

beacon that guides your path through the

Labyrinth of

existence Fe fear not the trials that

lie ahead for with my hand upon your

shoulder you shall emerge Victorious

bath in the effulgent glow of

Triumph remember always my cherished

that you are not alone in this

journey I am with you my spirit

interwoven with yours guiding nurturing

and protecting you at every

turn embrace the dreams that stir within

your breast

for they are the manifestations of my

love for you the Divine Essence that

courses through your

veins do not falter my child for you are

destined for greatness and with my

unwavering support you shall conquer all

that stands in your path wake up today

with unwavering confidence assured that

every twist of fate will bend in your

favor because I pave the path ahead

I am your steadfast pillar of support

ever ready to lend strength to your

weary Spirit enter my realm converse

with me and seek my guidance for in

doing so you shall avoid the feudal

meanderings down misguided paths that

stray from The Grand Design I have

orchestrated for you my omnipotent hand

rests upon your shoulder infusing you


resilience be patient with yourself

amidst the tumult of conflicting

emotions for they shall never overpower

the indomitable will within you to forge

ahead immerse yourself in the wisdom of

my teachings therein finding Solace hope

and the impetus to press

onward today marks a Monumental stride

towards your ultimate Triumph and it is

imperative that you rise with unyielding

assurance conness that I walk alongside

you Illuminating the way trust in my

promise dear one for you possess the

latent prowess of a Victor bestowed upon

you as my beloved child take heed and

know that your destiny is one of

Conquest embrace the dawn with open arms

for it Heralds the unfolding of a

remarkable day meticulously tailored for

your ascent fret not over trivialities

for I meticulously attend to every facet

of your being my Celestial Guardians

stand watch over you ensuring that no

battle shall be fought

alone with unwavering Faith hold your

head high within you resides boundless

strength purging you to take that

crucial first step now know that you are

enveloped in love and bolstered by an

indomitable Spirit poised to conquer

every dream that resides within your

heart though the shadows of Despair and

uncertainty May Loom cease your struggle

for I the orchestrator of Fate cradle

your destiny in my

hands be assured for I Am steadfastly by

your side infusing your once empty heart

with boundless love remember this moment

for in my eternal embrace you are

cherished beyond

measure beside me you possess the

resilience to transcend Despair and

embrace Joy only through my guidance can

true happiness be found when confronted

by The Tempest of adversity trust in my

words to illuminate your

path despite the dire predictions of

adversaries take solace in my promise

for I am your unwavering Ally even

amidst the fiercest

storms allow yourself to release the

pent up tears knowing that I stand ready

to comfort you in your moments of

vulnerability listen closely to my words

for I speak with sincerity in

devotion Your Existence holds immense

value in my eyes and my commitment to

supporting you extends far beyond mere

words just as I’ve been a guiding force

in your past rest assured my presence

shall remain steadfast by your side

offering assistance and affection each

passing day know without doubt that the

Divine force of Love is ever Vigilant

over you shielding you from harm and

attuned to your every need utterance and

plea I command my angels to heed your

call ensuring that your petitions are

not made in vain your unwavering Faith

fills me with joy for it resonates as

the rhythm of our profound

connection understand unequivocally that

my love for you knows no bounds and my

responses to your prayers are

assured should uncertainly Cloud your

vision of the days ahead casting doubt

upon your abilities and resources fear

not for I am here once

more enveloping you in the boundless

Embrace of my love I offer Solace to

your troubled heart and replenish your

spirit with the inexhaustible Wellspring

of my power remember to place your trust

in me is to embrace tranquility and

reject the grip of Fear believe in my

capacity to overcome the impossible to

enrich your life and Safeguard you from

all adversity

I am your sustainer your guardian gazing

upon you with affectionate

eyes I am your shepher leading you

through verdant pastures and along the

paths of

righteousness even amidst the darkest of

times for shall find no purchase within

your soul for I am the everpresent

father infolding you in the mantle of my


Mercy when you find yourself in need of

a miracle count on me to Stand By Your

Side ready to impart blessings upon you

your adversaries voices May Echo

attempting to lead you astray into the

realm of fear hoping to obscure the path

to my Guiding Light urging you to

surrender to your anxieties and descend


darkness despite this daily struggle

your faith remains unwavering for my

teachings affirm that you are my

cherished child the bravest of Warriors

destined for

Triumph I shall bring forth Springs from

arid lands satisfying your thirst and

shielding you from the scorching Sun as

you journey through life’s

deserts reject uncertainty instead

embrace my teachings to receive

healing you are a favored inheritor of

eternal life bestowed with Abundant

Blessings both in this world and the

next hence it’s no surprise that the

enemy Harbors enmity towards you with

many others consumed by

jealousy yet remember nothing is beyond


reach when the deceitful adversary

erects false barriers before you do not

falter do not secum to

fear let your countenance radiate

confidence for with unwe ing Faith you

possess the power to overcome any

challenge or Affliction bestowed upon

you by my Divine

Authority come let me hold you close

wrapping You In My

Embrace close your eyes and let my

presence envelop you know that I speak

from a place of unwavering love for you

today amidst your tears understand that

I The Sovereign being am with you I am

the omnipotent architect of all

existence with nothing hidden From My

Sight beneath the expanse of the

heavens your every concern is dear to me

every beat of your troubled heart Echoes

In My Divine understanding loneliness

weighs heavily especially when those who

professed love depart leaving you a

drift in a sea of

solitude but rest assured assured

nothing in your life eludes my

Dominion deep within you resonate the

chords of my love a language familiar to


soul my voice a beacon of Solace has

soothed your pain time and again

unchanging I remain bringing you Joy and

fortitude in this

moment open your ears to my call resist

not the tender pull on your heart

ings this love ordained for your

upliftment seeks you out in reverence of


name I am your steadfast Guardian your

unwavering protector even in the face of

seemingly insurmountable

odds I orchestrate all things for your

benefit never wavering in my commitment

to your

well-being my presence is constant I

will never abandon nor forsake you you

will never walk

alone every word I speak is imbued with

love they possess the power to soothe

your Sorrows mend your wounds and

transmute the agonizing pains that once

plagued your heart I Am Your Divine

guide the origin and culmination of all

things I shall Infuse your spirit with

boundless Elation and with the dawn I

shall emerge as your liberator your

Advocate your stalwart Defender and your

cherished kin do you recognize my

Essence I stand Here prepared to

converse earnestly with you attend to my

words until they

conclusion set aside a few moments now

forsake your current tasks this time you

allocate to me will be the most

consequential of your day for your

existence and the welfare of your king

hang in the balance of the truths you

are about to

behold every morning I have Faithfully

stood by your side offering words that

ignite the flame within your

spirit my aim has been clear to fortify

your resolve to embolden your steps as

you step out into the

world without fail I have expressed my

affection for you revealing the depth of

my commitment to you and your love loved

ones your recent demeanor has not

escaped my notice your faith has

blossomed and happiness seems to radiate

from within you yet despite the strength

I’ve imparted there remains an unmet

need a void that yearns to be

filled this journey we Embark upon

together cannot be rushed it requires

patience and inclusivity encompassing

your dear family behold I stand before

you with arms outstretched beckoning you

to relinquish the burdens weighing heavy

on your heart I witness your struggles

your aspirations and the tears that

stain your

cheeks your intentions are pure your

heart Noble and I yearn to shower upon

you the riches your kin fervently

desire fear not the weight of

insurmountable t asks for I desire not

your servitude but your

Liberation let the currents of existence

flow freely unimpeded by doubt or fear


scarcity I the harbinger of Aid and

abundance shall multiply the blessings

bestowed upon you until not is

wanting the trials of this world may

assail you yet I offer solace in the

form of unwavering faith enduring hope

and boundless

love these are the keys to unlocking the

latent potential within you guiding you

towards the life ordained for you by

Destiny’s hand place your trust in me

and witness the cascading torrent of

blessings that shall rain down upon you

and your

kin my love a steadfast beacon in the

Tempest of existence knows neither

change nor diminishment enduring Through

the Ages unto eternity

itself in the realm of existence words

are not just mere sounds or scribbles on

paper they possess an enduring Essence a

profound Vitality akin to the very

essence of life

itself when held close nurtured within

the chambers of your heart and mind they

become formidable tools capable of

securing countless triumphs

fear not the challenges that stand in

opposition for by embracing The Power of

Words you ensure that your legacy

remains unshaken and your descendants

stand proud and self-reliant never

reduced to pleading for

assistance they will not succumb to the

pressures of defeat instead they shall

emerge unyielding and

triumphant I bestow upon you a

heightened awareness a keen sense of

positivity to grasp the Ethereal forces

that play Within the universe Guided by

the Divine Essence of my Holy

Spirit my benevolence extends Beyond

mere Solace for your soul it encompasses

a gift of empowerment endowing you with

the strength and Mastery to ascend above

adversity to toil to wage battles and

ultimately emerge as a

conqueror those who dare to oppose you

shall quake and trepidation while you

confront every trial with unyielding

Fortitude emboldened by the indomitable

presence that accompanies you delve into


teachings throughout history unwavering

faith has sparked

Miracles gratitude even in uncertainty

fueled faith and brought about

extraordinary Feats oceans parted

enemies vanquished the downtrodden up

lifted the ill restored and hardships

endured the same strength that empowered

them is within your

grasp this isn’t about an abstract deity

in my presence find love forgiveness

healing and

salvation wisdom patience Serenity and

intellect are at your

disposal I hold you Destiny Solutions

and Escape

Roots approach me I desire an intimate

connection for you to witness my divine


firsthand let me work through you to

manifest my will and establish my

kingdom in your

life listen closely for I offer you

guidance in times of trial do not

succumb to defeat nor let the venomous

words of negativity infect your spirit

no matter matter their

origin believe in my unwavering love for

you it shall be your beacon in The

Darkest Hour embrace the certainty that

you will transcend this

adversity even if you have stumbled

refuse to remain

grounded direct your focus to me seek me

earnestly each day with humility

acknowledging your Reliance on my

support understand that our relationship

ship is reciprocal as I offer Aid I also

ask for your

cooperation yield to my In Trey and

accept the assistance I

provide courage is within your grasp

your Independence and strength are

undeniable yet the burdens you bear have


burdensome admit that Liberation

requires outside

intervention I am here for you eternally

trust in my steadfast

presence I extend an invitation to pause

to find solace in my

company open yourself to the healing

bomb of my words allowing them to

penetrate your heart and dispel your


turmoil your diligence is commendable

and your aspirations for Success are

admirable however you have been toiling

excessively over work begets distraction


error while providing for your loved

ones is essential remember that without

my guidance your efforts may be in vain

restless nights and lost sleep only

serve to unsettle your soul offering no

respit allow me to illuminate your path

if only for a moment providing Clarity

amidst the

chaos your body may be FY but I offer

words infused with healing encouragement


comfort in the wake of Sorrow I have

transformed your tears into streams of

Jubilation banishing the shadows of

Despair to unveil the radiant purpose

that lies within you your Evolution into

an extraordinary being is undeniable

even to those who have traversed the

pathways of your past I have fused you

with a Divine anointing imbu you with

the resilience needed to rise above

adversity time and again behold as I

open Pathways of opportunity wherever

your feet

tread simply beckon and I shall shower

you with Abundant Blessings filling your

stores with treasures beyond

measure utilize them not for selfish

gain but as instruments of Goodwill

enriching the lives of those around you

disseminate these words freely

irrespective of the listener’s need for

in your generosity lies the promise of

multiplied blessings returning unto you

embrace my

mindset when I promise my blessings

don’t fixate on fleeting material

gains focus on the richness of eternal

life pursue me sincerely and everything

else will fall into place

effortlessly believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly Father for

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