God Says: I Am About To Do A Brand New Thing | God’s Message Now | God’s Daily Message

for I am about to do a brand new thing

see I have already begun Isaiah

dear listener can you see the

brand new thing God is doing in your

life sometimes we can see the hand of

God moving and other times the storms of

life can Cloud our vision no matter

where you are in life today focus on the

fact that God is working behind the

scenes you can trust him because he is

always faithful his plan for you is good

and he wants to give you a future and a

hope ask the Lord to show his plan for

you today ask him to show you the new

thing he is doing set your mind on

things above and let go of the old take

a step of faith and embrace the blessing

and victory God has in store for you a

prayer for today father thank you for

your faithfulness to me even when I

don’t see it thank you for doing a brand

new thing in my life I open my heart and

set my mind on you today in Jesus name

amen like if you believe in


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