God Says: GONGRAGULATION!! This Day Is Filled With Luck And Joy | I LOVE JESUS |

do not skip this video because God has a

message for you

today so watch the video till the

end God is saying to you

today my child I beg you to pay

attention to what I have to say even if

it is only for a brief

moment the one thing I want to tell you

is more important than anything else

that you are thinking about right now

just give me a little bit more time and

I will open the door to your

heart permit me to relieve the burden

that has been placed on your soul and to

Vanquish the memories of melancholy that

consistently come back to the

surface while you are encircled by My

Embrace I bestow upon you a kind of

Tranquility that is

unmatched I want you to feel comfortable

opening up to me and letting love be all


you type yes heavenly father if you


me due to the fact that I am a keeper of

promises what I say is taken

seriously each morning it is my goal to

bring you happiness and a

smile this is my life’s

Mission knowing that my love for you is

profound and unchanging is something you

should keep keep in mind as you search

for me in the light of

morning not only do I want you to

comprehend and accept it but I also want

you to feel the joy that comes from this

Divine love resurging within

you I want you to feel this

Joy you can rest assured that I have

never left you behind and I will never


you exactly this is the

case you will feel safe and protected

when you are In My

Embrace put all of your faith in me

because I will always be here for you

with my arms

open I hear your prayers and cries and I

eagerly anticipate the arrival of each


day thank you for coming to

me all you need to do is open your eyes

take a few deep breaths and know that I

am nearby

your morning greetings which are filled

with self assurance and Faith

immediately put a smile on my

face I would like you to know that I am

always available to listen to what you

have to say and to fulfill any

reasonable request that you may

have my heart is filled with happiness

because of the profound significance of

your standing up for your

family when you are feeling overwhelmed

by the challenges that life presents

seek solace in my

presence do not let your thoughts wander

to matters that are not in your


vicinity in the event that you feel as

though you are unable to deal with the

turmoil and stress that is occurring in

your life I am here for

you I am not going to sit idly by and

watch as your concerns and anxieties

take control of your

life due to the fact that I never fail

to fulfill my commitments you have faith


me I urge you to not let go of my

promise instead bury it deep within your

heart and never let it

go it is important to remember all of

the wonderful things that I have done

for you such as rescuing you from danger

protecting you from danger and reaching

out to save you

it was through the power of my word that

I was able to come back during the most

difficult times and perform Miracles

that no one could

comprehend there are still a great many

miracles that I am able to perform for

you putting your faith in me will ensure

that I continue to be of assistance to

you when it comes to protecting you from

harm you have my undying devotion and my

unending ing desire to do

so refrain from allowing your mind to

become a safe haven for negative

thoughts I hope that you are able to get

a sense of the peace that I provide and

that you find happiness that

lasts as we wrap up today always

remember you have the power to shape

your destiny and your journey is


Yours keep believing in yourself keep

striving for greatness and keep

spreading love and inspiration wherever


go thank you for being a part of this

community until next time stay inspired

stay motivated and keep shining your


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