God Says: Followers of The Devil Will Skip This Only । God Message For You Today | #jesus #god

hello dear viewers and welcome back to

our Channel today we have a message that

speaks to the heart a message from God

change is coming your problems will

disappear if you find this message

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comments below before before we dive

into this profound message let’s take a

moment to Center ourselves close your

eyes take a deep breath and release any

tension feel the presence of the divine

within and around

you dear child I know you carry burdens

that weigh heavy on your heart I see

your struggles your fears and your

doubts but today I want you to know that

change is on the

horizon just as the seasons transform so

to war your life the challenges you face

now are like the storms that t making

way for Clear Skies trust in the process

of change for it is the path to your

growth and

renewal remember I am with you always

even in the midst of your trials I am

the come within your storms The Guiding

Light In Your Darkest Hours have faith

in my plan for you for I am

orchestrating a beautiful

transformation release your worries for

they serve no purpose but to Anchor you

to the Past Embrace The Winds of Change

for they carry the promise of a brighter

future your problems will disappear like

morning missed under the Rising Sun know

that that I love you

unconditionally and I am working in ways

you cannot yet see keep your heart open

to the possibilities that lie ahead

Embrace change as a friend not a foe and

you will witness Miracles and

fold believe in yourself as I believe in

you the journey may be challenging but

remember you are stronger than you think

trust that the change coming your way

will lead you to a life filled with

peace joy and purpose in your moments of

Doubt look within your soul for there

you will find the resilience to overcome

any obstacle keep the faith dear child

for your breakthrough is nearer than you

realize know that you are never alone I

am here walking beside you guiding you

through the seasons of change your

problems will disappear replaced by

blessings beyond

measure in my love and grace I hold you

embrace the change and watch as your

life transforms into a beautiful

Testament to my divine plan thank you

for joining us and receiving this

powerful message of Hope and reassurance

may you find comfort in knowing that

change is a natural part of life life’s

journey and it can lead to incredible

transformation until next time may you

Embrace change with an open heart and

may your path be illuminated by the

Divine Light of love and grace take care

and remember that you are never


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