God Says: Evil People Can’t Open This | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child I am light and there is

no darkness in me at all I your God am

perfect in every way I am not even

slightly bad people around you live in a

world that is mostly dark and evil you

should remember though that I am the

light that shines even when it’s dark

nothing can put out or even dim the

light of my eternal Brilliance one day

you will see all of my beauty and be

filled with unimaginable Joy right now

you have to live by faith not by sight

when things going on in the world or in

your own life seem like they might throw

you off take my hand with all your

strength don’t let evil scare you

instead use good to beat it I am with

you and through my death on the cross

and Resurrection I have already won the

greatest Victory these strange events

can’t be undone they cut through the

darkness so that my bright light could

shine through and fill the hearts of my

followers this Holy Light is there for

you to enjoy my dear child my face

shines upon you you’re not alone I’ll

always be here for you giving you

strength comfort and happiness trust me

because I am always with you and will

help you when you need it please feel

better in my arms because I love you

forever every day look for me because I

am your light and life as you go through

life remember that I am your rock your

safe place and your most valuable

possession let your heart be filled with

thanks and praise because I love you and

you love me trust that everything will

work out in its own time My Sweet Child

fear should go away and you should trust

the process keep your faith strong and

be patient knowing that my timing is

perfect don’t rush into a future you

don’t know much about or hold on to

Short lived pointless activities that

make your life uncomfortable Free

Yourself of anything that is blocking

the flow of my blessings stay far away

from people who don’t believe and keep

praying trust that I will do what I say

and don’t give up your life will be

filled with many blessings and the hard

things will eventually go away don’t

worry and don’t be patient I am with you

don’t think I don’t know what you need I

know everything there is to know about

your life

I can see the weight of your problems in

your heart and the pain you feel when

you’re sick or having trouble with money

but right now let my promises and advice

into your heart accept my word work hard

to find it have faith and enjoy my

presence everything will work out in its

own time because you have always trusted

me I will fill your life with peace and

happiness and bless you with many good

things remember that I am a power

powerful and miraculous God at all times

along with healing and blessing you I am

also blessing your family including your

children and parents as long as you

trust my Divine timing and wait don’t go

crazy or look for easy ways out they

could Lead You astray and hurt you

prayers should not stop studying my

teachings should not end and you should

not rush to get things remember that

what the world has to offer will soon

end but what I have to offer will will

last forever and bring you good things

keep believing in what I say because

everything will work out in the end I’ll

never forget or be late and I’ll always

be aware of all of your needs don’t give

up because I’m here for you do not be

Hasty because of what bad people do and

do not envy those who do bad things soon

they will die like grass and soft herbs

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