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my dear child life is a tapestry woven

with surprises and our divine Creator is

the master artist behind each unexpected

twist welcome back to our Channel where

tonight as you journey through this

video anticipate a miraculous surprise

in the name of Jesus the very essence of

creation lies in the Divine decision to

Fashion Mankind in the Creator’s own

image this intentional Act set the stage

for a spiritual connection a

relationship between the Divine and the

Earthly the gift of Free Will bestowed

upon Humanity allows us to choose love

for God the Divine narrative unfolds

with surprises as witnessed in the

creation of Eve a companion unexpectedly

granted to Adam as you reflect on the

surprises that have graced your life

understand that the Grandeur of our God

extends Beyond what you’ve witnessed Our

God a god of increase holds even greater

wonders and reserve for you remember we

serve a supernatural God one who

effortlessly paves the way our

responsibility is not to unravel the how

but to steadfastly believe in him who

can move

mountains Faith the key to witnessing

Miracles is exemplified in the stories

of Daniel Sarah Abraham and countless

others just as God surprised them

anticipate an impending surprise that

will not only astonish you but those

around you their disbelief in what God

is about to orchestrate in your life

will transform into awe as they witness

unprecedented favor embrace the promises

with unwavering Faith declaring yes Lord

I believe in your plan for me align your

yourself with the Divine agreement

allowing promises to take root in your

heart anticipate the immeasurable

blessings that will manifest when you

nurture the soil of your heart and claim

the positive promises spoken over you

recall the surprising Miracles performed

by Jesus during his time on Earth the

Turning of water into wine the healing

of the Blind and calming the storm just

as Jesus surprised many in his Earthly

life expect him to bring abundant

surprises into your own life engage in a

powerful prayer expressing gratitude for

the promise of continuous

surprises fix your Gaze on Jesus

expecting fresh surprises in wisdom

passion love and

abundance declare your commitment to

sharing the Divine message ensuring that

these words transcend beyond your ears

and eyes work for the Supreme Being

and tonight open your heart to the

wonderful Miracles awaiting you in

Jesus’s precious name expect the

unexpected for our God is a god of


surprises amen your support means the

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