God Says: Don’t Skip Otherwise Satan Wins | God Message Today |

my beloved child listen to my response

even though the whole world may abandon

you I will never forsake you even if all

those who claim to love you let you down

I will never fail you my love for you

surpasses theirs and I speak the truth

you can trust me I will never let you

down your family your future and your

well-being are in my hands cherish value

and protect them do not risk the

blessings you’ve received do not

underestimate them if you remain

faithful in the little things and take

care of what I’ve given you in times of

need my word promises you that your

blessings will multiply and I will give

you even more of great Eternal value and

remember my child you love me prepare

yourself because you’ll be amazed at the

size of the door I’m opening for you

have faith be dedicated and wise in all

your actions and prepare yourself

because everything I have planned for

you and your family will come like an

abundant rain of amazing blessings you

asked for confirmation so that you could

make decisions about the things you’ve

been contemplating all these days and

this is your answer clearly I come to

tell you that you must take risks and

leave behind all the fears that have

kept you trapped for these years and in

this situation that you can no longer

endure your dreams are vast your desires

are marvelous but you’ve been held back

by the fear of failure it’s time to take

my hand and soar nothing will be the

same as before do not be afraid hold on

to me now before every important

decision I’ll be with you day and night

ensuring that everything aligns with my

divine plan open your Bible and offer a

sincere prayer because that’s when I’ll

show you that everything I’ve spoken to

you is real it’s not a fantasy Heaven

and Earth Earth will pass away but my

word will remain alive and come to pass

I will guide you to where you need to be

to the place where you will prosper I

will show you exactly where that special

door I’m opening for you is located

starting today many things in your life

will transform except my blessing you

will reach a place that will be the

starting point for all your dreams to

come true you will meet people on the

same path as you thinking like you

together you will build a future of

blessings and wonders because my plans

are immense and you have no idea of the

greatness that lies ahead in your life

be kind and considerate to every person

you meet from today onwards you will

encounter good sincere and interesting

people you will receive help from

unexpected places keep your eyes open

and your senses alert so that when the

door opens an opportunity comes you

won’t be distracted distracted by

worthless and senseless projects you

know me well I don’t need to say more my

message is crystal clear and you’ve

understood it you know that I will guide

your steps and be with you at all times

I’m here by your side always you know I

won’t leave you I’m as firm as a rock

nothing and no one can move Me Close

Your Eyes breathe in this Divine breath

I send to you in case you’re in a hurry

and need to leave take this beautiful

piece with you and leave your anxiety

with me sometimes you feel you don’t

deserve it but I will remain by your

side out of love I won’t change my mind

you want to draw closer to me but you

hesitate when you’re about to surrender

the things that disturb your peace doubt

Creeps in and you continue to carry that

sack full of bitterness listen to my

voice feel the healing sweetness it

brings let me write and sew my word in

your soul listen I love you you are free

with tenderness I embrace you I guard

you in my hands share this video with

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