God Says: Don’t Skip If You Need My Heaven। God Message | I LOVE JESUS |

my dear child let me talk to you straight from the heart creating a bond that goes

beyond the everyday stuff I know you’re carrying a heavy load on your shoulders but trust me

Victory is just around the corner don’t be afraid because I’m here

to guide you through tough times and lead you to success type yes God if you believe in

my words these words aren’t just empty promises they’re meant to give you

strength when things get tough I offer you love salvation Grace and forgiveness

along with the promise that I’ll help you carry the weight of your struggles I’ve already overcome the

challenges of this world and I’ve lit a fire of resilience in your heart that

will never go out every word I say to you is like a strong Foundation a safe

haven for you and your loved ones type Amen to

receive don’t let fear or sadness take over because your spiritual enemy wants

to break your spirit stand up to the challenge face the darkness headon and get ready for a

flood of blessings to come your way I want to acknowledge your unwavering

dedication despite facing tough times you have stayed strong in your faith and turned

to prayer for Comfort I urge you to keep going even when things get

tough stay committed to your goals even when others around you are giving up

your hard work will pay off eventually type yes Father if you

believe when you feel overwhelmed come come back to this message for

support read the Psalms and Proverbs for inspiration and learn from The Heroes of

Faith who overcame challenges with strong beliefs don’t let negativity or

criticism bring you down Stand Tall protect your loved ones

and stay true to yourself your worth and dignity are important so don’t let anyone take that

away from you type yes Holy Father to

affirm remember you control your own destiny face your challenges headon with

courage and Faith Victory will come to you in time

stay strong my child I’ve got a way for you to find

spiritual freedom and strength don’t let the haters and doubters bring you down

when you need help instead be brave and fight for your freedom because it’s right there for the

taking don’t trust those who promise eternal love but bail when things get

tough find safety and Clarity especially for your kids don’t fear the darkness I’ve got

your back type yes God to affirm your

belief don’t let anyone hold you back back or limit your potential I’ve saved you from despair to

show you a brighter future my love will fill you up and bring you joy and

peace when times get tough don’t listen to the negativity around you hold on to

my words for Comfort I’m always here for you stay strong and courageous because

I’ll never leave your side come gather it Dawn when the sun’s

first light touches the world this beautiful glow represents the

Endless Love and amazing blessings I have waiting for you come to me with

strong faith leaving your worries behind type yes if you

believe today I speak to you with kindness sharing my true

feelings follow my guidance and start your Journey with

determination remember even when things get tough success is on the

horizon your enemies will be defeated and you will come out on

top share the news of my blessings with your loved ones because they deserve to

feel my love too always remember that you are important and valued in my eyes no

matter how far away you may feel my love for you is Limitless and I will

always be here to lift you up when you’re feeling down feel my love surrounding you now

and forever my dearest words can’t fully Express the deep love I have for

you just know that I am completely committed to you and you will always

have a special place in my heart every day I look forward to being

with you and supporting you through any challenges that come your way together we can conquer any obstacle

that stands in our path type yes Holy Father if you

believe I am here to help you grow spiritually and reach New

Heights my love for you is unmatched and your value is immeasurable no matter

what struggles you may face don’t doubt my blessings or forgiveness

when things get tough my love for you will never waver

and I will always be here to give you strength and encouragement I promise to always be by

your side offering you peace patience and endless

love your future is bright my dear so open your eyes and embrace the greatness

that lies ahead your journey to happiness starts right

here right now today you are filled with Incredible

strength and Unstoppable power I ignite a sense of purpose within

you a Guiding Light to show you the way and the determination to keep going no

matter what let me be your Mentor sharing wisdom with you every step of the

way trust that I will will always be there for you type

if you believe I will never abandon you my

loyal follower when you feel weak I will reach out my hand to lift you

up as your all powerful deity I command the elements to listen to your

commands don’t be afraid for I give you power over any obstacles or any

enemies watch as your foes stumble and fall defeated by the strength I have

given you don’t underestimate your value my dear

one accept this Divine gift with humility and

thankfulness show your love and faith by believing these words to be

true face your challenges with bravery in resolve knowing that I am surrounding

you with love and empowering you with strength today I renew our promise to

stand together for eternity I want you to know without a

doubt that my love for you is strong and unconditional take a moment to affirm

your belief in this Truth by simply writing down I believe it my

beloved I’ve been showering you with blessing answering your prayers for health and

happiness for your family I want to see you succeed in every part of your life thriving and

flourishing Beyond Your Wildest Dreams today I’m offering you a fresh

start a chance to break free from constant struggles and

sadness Embrace this gift with open arms let your heart be filled with joy and my

divine presence [Music] there’s no room for discouragement or fear in The Amazing Life I have planned

for you type yes God I believe to affirm

your unwavering Faith as you juny towards Enlightenment

know that I’m right there beside you guiding you towards growth and wisdom

every step of the way don’t let other people’s problems or

gossip bring you down instead confide in me completely I’m

your father and Confidant always ready to listen without judgment just remember my love for you

is Limitless it gives you the strength and courage to conquer any Challenge and

find true happiness in my loving Embrace during tough times when things

feel uncertain chaotic my love is like a safe hav where you can find peace and

comfort I’m here to be your rock your go to person and your biggest supporter

when life gets tough I get that it’s easy to let doubt and negative feelings take over making

you feel lost and hopeless but I want you to know that I’m

here to help you navigate through the tough stuff and conquer any emotional challenges that come your

way type yes God if you believe it’s important to stay strong

and not let problems overwhelm you instead face them head on and

remember my promises to you trust in my guidance and protection

to see you through I’m always here listening for your call and ready to help you find

solutions to even the toughest problems with faith in determin ation

you can overcome anything that stands in your path share the love and support I offer

with your loved ones and encourage them to seek comfort in my

presence even when doubt Creeps in those who truly know me will recognize my

voice and find strength in my words keep spreading the message of Hope

and salvation even when faced with opposition because my words have the

power to bring light to those who need it most make sure you’re doing your duties

with care and kindness say your prayers show love and

treat everyone with patience and respect by doing these things you’re

opening the door for me to step in and touch the hearts of those around you

leading them towards a fresh start type if you

believe don’t forget about the younger crowd they’re more susceptible to

getting caught up in the wrong stuff they need guidance and support to

steer clear of The Temptations out there in your own home a new group of

strong Believers is rising up ready to spread my message in the days to

come I want to shower them with blessings and encourage them to focus Fus on their spiritual growth education

and purpose as I fill you all with my Holy Spirit some of you might start having

prophetic dreams or seeing important Visions these folks will be the ones

sharing messages that Inspire future Generations I’ll give them the power to

perform Miracles and bring Comfort to those in need treat them with kindness and love

and pass on my message and to those who have lost their way know that I’m reaching out to you

today hoping to build a deep connection with you I’m here to help you embark on a

journey of spiritual growth starting right now let go of those negative thoughts

that are dragging you down stop doubting yourself and try not

to hold grudges against others when things get tough don’t give into

negative thinking instead choose forgiveness and avoid spreading rumors or talking badly

about others I want to help cleanse your heart and set your spirit free letting my love

surround you day and night this will make you stronger and more resilient against any

negativity surround yourself with positivity and steer clear of

drama your heart is pure and my teachings are deeply ingrained in your

soul cleanse your mind with the pure water that flows from my

Throne I want you to live a life of freedom but the choice is

yours follow my guidance and be open to the blessings I have in store for

you Embrace this truth and watch as your life and relationships

transform hold on to these words and accept my blessings with an open

heart when faced with tough times don’t give up raise your arms in defiance and show

the world your strength you’re not fighting alone you’re a beloved child of the Divine

surrounded by love and grace think back to all the times you’ve

overcome ch challenges and come out on top you faced tough times felt tired and

stumbled but you always found strength in my presence use those experiences to remind

yourself of your resilience and determination today you’re armed with

the power of the Holy Spirit and my sacred word Don’t Be Afraid let me light a fire

in your soul and chase away any doubts you’re driven by a passion to

chase your dreams and protect those you care about just remember you’re not on this

journey alone you’re cherished and valued more than you

know so raise your arms in Victory and believe that with faith and

determination you can overcome any obstacle in your path forget about those nag doubts that

tell stories of being abandoned and neglected deep down you know I’m always

here for you embrace my words and the comfort of my love they’re your safe haven when

things get tough don’t give up when faced with challenges or feeling down have faith

and you’ll conquer anything give me your pain and I’ll bring you peace like you’ve never known

when you’re hurting don’t hesitate to open up to me let go of your failures and setbacks

I’m by your side through every trial today you’re moving from one

Victory to the next facing obstacles and coming out on top with the strength I’ve

given you as the day ends come to me again let

go of your fears and weaknesses and feel the healing power of my

love we’ll celebrate your successes together wearing a Crown of Life as I

prepare you for what’s to come don’t be afraid I’m always here to

lead you towards a future full of Hope and prosperity when you reach the peak of

success I’ll be right there cheering you on no matter where life takes you my

love for you will always be strong offering support and

encouragement I have so many blessings waiting for you pushing you to reach for

greatness don’t let the negativity of others bring you down with me by your side you and your

family will Thrive surrounded by abundance health and

security don’t let setbacks get you down trust that everything happens for a

reason challenges will only lead to bigger

blessings I’ll remove anyone who tries to harm you from your life because they

don’t understand the power of my love for you stay strong in your faith don’t let

criticism or opposition shake you focus on getting ready for all the

good things coming your way I’m your true father and I’m here

for you every day as your almighty God trust in my love and together we can

overcome any obstacle in your path today I want to encourage you to

listen with an open heart and really Let My Words sink in take a moment to Bow your head in

respect and feel the love I have for you surrounding you let go of any burdens that are

weighing you down and allow yourself to release any any pain or doubt that’s

been holding you back now stand up with a renewed sense

of strength and determination and believe in the victories that are waiting for

you remember your past accomplishments but know that even greater successes are

on the horizon if you trust in me just know that I care for you deeply

and am here to support and protect you your past doesn’t Define you what

matters is your sincerity as you seek comfort and forgiveness in

me embrace change and embrace the opportunity for a fresh

start I offer you a path to freedom and renewal so look ahead with hope and know

that my truth will guide you towards a life filled with grace and

forgiveness I’m reaching out my hand to you ready to lead you towards a brighter

future filled with love health and emotional well-being choose to stay in this world

and let my love be your rock as you face the challenges ahead hey there get ready for a whole

new chapter in your life that’s about to unfold it’s going to be filled with

blessings and miracles that you never even imagined remember this moment hold on to

it in your heart heart as the start of something amazing today is the beginning of a

journey that’s going to be full of Wonders all because of my power and

Resurrection as you open your heart to me get ready to see some incredible

changes happen in your home and within yourself even though there may be

challenges along the way just know that I’m working hard to make you stronger

and more faithful in the next few months people around you will be amazed at the changes

they see as Brave Hearts full of unwavering faith become a part of your

life Embrace this change because I have the power to make the impossible

happen change your mindset because those who make mistakes today can be redeemed

tomorrow you’re going to transform from the inside out as you’re thoughts words

and actions start to align with what’s right and what’s spiritually

mature starting tomorrow wake up with a new sense of purpose drawing strength

from the victories I’ve given you treat others with patience and

kindness and speak words of encouragement instead of causing harm with harsh words or

actions believe in the power of transformation because with me by your side anything is

possible welcome to your home where joy and Harmony are making a comeback

bringing with them a season of happiness and growth I’m here to give you the strength

and determination to face any health challenges headon with hope for healing

on the horizon I want you to listen to the advice of the wise doctors I’ve placed

in your path with their help and a little divine intervention your health will be back on

track in no time all according to the perfect timing of the

universe while you wait for your health to improve keep your faith strong by

staying connected to my messages and persevering through each day share these words of wisdom with

others who may need them even as you deal with your own struggles

by offering blessings and support to those around you you’ll start to see some amazing things happen in your own

life get ready for a spiritual awakening where you’ll witness Miracles you never

thought possible your family will experience blessings and abundance like never

before as my protection Shields you from any scarcity or

illness stay devoted loyal and committed to following me and you’ll see wonders

beyond your wildest dreams remember you’re never alone or

forgotten I want you to know how special and important you are in my

eyes you are truly cherished beyond measure hey there listen up my

dear I’m speaking to you with a love that’s absolutely Limitless

you mean the world to me and your value is truly Priceless believe in my promises and

you’ll find comfort in leaving behind the struggles of the past and stepping

into a future full of Hope and happiness just so you know I have the

power to do amazing things that go beyond what we can even imagine put your trust in me and I’ll

make your deepest wishes come true look to me for guidance and I’ll

lead you towards a life of fulfillment and abundance whenever you call out to me

I’ll be there to answer giving you a safe haven from life’s challenges and

easing the burdens on your heart don’t think of me as some far-off

figure because you are incredibly important in my grand

plan everything in this world from the Sun to the Stars was made with you in

mind in times of uncertainty and sadness know that I am by your side offering

healing and comfort to calm your troubled soul through my sacrifice and

Resurrection I’ve secured Eternal salvation for you and given you everything you need to fulfill your

destiny nothing can stop the amazing things I have in store for you

you embrace your inheritance and move forward with confidence because you are

meant for incredible things trust in me and together we’ll

create a future filled with peace prosperity and spiritual

growth my dear child keep the faith and look forward

with confidence the enemy might try to make you feel guilty about past mistakes

but don’t worry you’ve confessed your sins to me and I’ve forgiven

you my grace and the power of my resurrection have wiped the Slate

clean if you mess up again don’t give up I’ve got your back protecting you

from any accusations get ready for an amazing

Revelation because you’re going to see me in action people will be amazed when they

realize I’m right there with you don’t be afraid of those who question my

authority I’ll shut them down and stop them from bringing you down ignore the haters who try to ruin

your reputation stay away from Gossip and lies because your soul is full of love

and positivity thanks to my Holy Spirit use this gift to spread love give

encouragement and even predict Miracles and healing by following my lead you’ll find

the peace you need to get through life’s challenges my words are your strength a

powerful tool against your enemies trust me even when things seem

dark I’m always there giving you the strength to keep going your unwavering spirit in tough

Times Really impresses me your determination is like a shining

light that inspires everyone around you even when things get tough you

always come out on top Never Letting anything hold you back just know that I believe in you and

our connection on a deeper level trust in that connection take a

breather when you need to and face each day with bravery

today I want to offer you comfort and reassurance wiping away any sadness and

bringing in a future full of success repeat after me I believe it

because the future I see for you is solid and unbeatable stay strong my child and

picture a future filled with blessings let go of worry and doubt

because I am here to guide you protect you and save you find comfort in my words they are a

light in the darkness if you ever feel tired or overwhelmed come to me and I’ll give you

the strength to keep going stop fighting and just trust in me

because true power comes from surrender rise up again armed with

spiritual strength ready to to face whatever comes your way you’re like a superhero protected by

my Divine Powers even evil spirits are scared of

you I’m always with you guiding you through each day you’re surrounded by amazing things

that show how powerful I am don’t worry about the past or what

others say about you keep moving forward toward Wards your goals knowing I’m right there with

you ready to help out whenever you need me trust me to always have your back as

you face life’s challenges I’ll help you overcome any

obstacles that come your way leading you to see incredible things you never thought

possible your mistakes will be fixed your grievance is Forgiven and your

enemies will be amazed by your new found strength strength I’m here to protect you from

anything bad that comes your way helping you stay strong in tough

times let my teachings guide you and give you the strength to face anything

that comes your way don’t seek revenge but find strength

in my words to keep you safe and strong don’t hold on to anger or

resentment instead choose to forgive those those who wrong you and pray for their

well-being keep moving forward confidently because blessings are waiting for you on your

journey remember that everything you receive is a result of Grace and

Faith I surround you with blessings and gifts so stay grateful and

loyal start each day by seeking me and taking your time with

decisions reach out to to me and I will provide you with wisdom and guidance

through my Holy Spirit your success doesn’t just depend

on your own strength or cleverness but on my divine power remember this truth and you’ll

Thrive with Abundant Blessings don’t waste your energy dwelling on the threats of malicious

individuals don’t let yourself be isolated or weakened by their

schemes remember your enemies only want to distance you from me make you feel

alone and vulnerable and lead you away from my path let them underestimate you because

that’s where your advantage lies stay gentle like a lamb while I

take care of business for you don’t let the haters get to

you let my teachings be your guide through the tough times ahead my words aren’t just words they

have the power to give you wisdom and comfort when things get rough don’t worry I’ve got your

back I see the struggles you’re going through and I admire your strength in

the face of adversity trust in me because I’m watching out for you and your loved

ones remember these truths shout them out loud because they’re yours to

claim embrace my love and trust that I’ll keep my

promises the blessings you’ve been waiting for are right around the corner ready to be

yours your worries will fade away replaced by the peace that comes from

believing in me you’ve put your faith in me and I’ve heard your

prayers from now on let your heart be filled with gra gratitude and

confidence believe in faith and positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love type I love you

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