God Says: Don’t Skip If You are A Real Christian | God Message Today

my beloved child can you feel the good

things that are coming your way you feel

calm and happy because you know

something great is about to happen

always feed your heart with my word

though and don’t let doubts kill your

faith stay strong because I have the

last word I will make you well again and

you will be brave when you rise you will

no longer remember any curses deaths or

painful memories from the past your

freedom is right around the corner and

today the chains are breaking you will

have a lot of joy and happiness and I

will do a powerful miracle in your life

your heart will be full of joy and your

mouth will be full of Praise you’ll get

everything you need even enough to bless

other people and help those who are in

need please pray very hard for me to

touch your body soul and heart and heal

all your pain I will take away your

sadness let me into your your soul and

let my peace fill you you fought hard

kept going and ignored negative comments

and words of support now is the time for

you to claim victory provision and

wealth give me your plans and I’ll help

you with everything enjoy being with me

and I will give you what your heart

desires call out to me and I’ll come

hear you there are wonderful things I

want to show you don’t be afraid to

believe in me there are my promises

written out for you to see

and you’ve heard me say many times that

those who believe in me can do anything

tell me you believe in me but do

something too take a stand and decide to

stay away from people and things that

pull you away from me they’re not going

to help you out when you’re in trouble

if you lose your faith having things

won’t help without wavering believe in

me find me with all your heart Morning

Noon night and every time in between

before you go to sleep tell me what you

want and trust that I will give you the

good things I want for your growth pay

close attention because something

wonderful amazing beautiful and strong

is about to happen in your life I care

about you tell me you believe it and

I’ll give you back what is rightfully

yours I want you to Lean on Me trust me

completely and have a lot of faith in my

abilities this is your deepest need when

you know you’re weak you can depend on

me without feeling bad about it the

whole time you live I will teach you to

trust me with all your heart and mind

having faith in me your source of

strength that will never change is the

best way to get rid of fear if you are

in the depths of Despair I cover you

with love and mercy I cover you with

goodness and you always feel young again

through me you can feel how much I love

you in your heart through the wonderful

gifts I give you I can see your flaws

and mistakes but my love for you stays

the same

before anything else I see you as my

saved one crowned with a crown of

paradise and surrounded by beauty that

will never fade please remember that you

are my beloved things that aren’t

important will probably come to mind

more often when you think about nothing

because of this I urge you to stay alert

and keep praying feel free to let me

into your decisions thoughts and

everything else that makes up your life

giving your attention to communion with

me will help you stop thinking about

small things and start seeing the beauty

of Eternal truths as long as you are

with me I will give you new energy when

you’re with me you’ll always look young

no matter how much time has passed

remember that God made you you will see

my beautiful face when the time comes in

the realm of Eternal Beauty you and I

will meet until then I will keep

changing the way you think so that you

can become your new self changes like

these don’t take away from from who you

are they make you more unique so you can

fully become the person I made you as

soon as you trusted me to save you you

became a beloved member of my royal

family and were given the chance to

share in my wealth on the other hand

sharing in my glory means you have to

share in my pain look for me in the

middle of bad things that happen ask me

to help you deal with hard times in a

way that fits the King’s family anything

that makes you go through hard times

makes you more like me remember the end

goal at all times one day you’ll look at

my face and feel completely satisfied do

not be afraid says the one who made you

with care while you were still in the

womb and is ready to assist you I have

been in your life since before you were

born because you belonged to me and were

bought with my own precious blood don’t

worry about my promise to be with you as

you go through life have faith that I

will always be there to help you that

that will help you get over your fear

you get into trouble when you think

about the future too much and try to

change things that haven’t happened yet

when you think about the future too much

you might start to worry too much about

what might go wrong these kinds of

thoughts are like rich soil that makes

it easy for worry and fear to grow now

that you’re aware that you’ve given in

to these kinds of worries look at the

loving person living next to you on your

journey know that I will be with you

every step of the way don’t worry about

anything just trust that I will keep you

going today and every day after that

please remember to be thankful all the

time you bring light into this lovely

home which makes it feel even better you

pray a lot until your dreams come true

most of the time people like you are

happy and thankful when I answer their

prayers you need to quickly move on to

the next thing you need to do though

please stay happy and thankful for a

while don’t just feel grateful for short

periods of time instead let happiness

flow into your future all the time

practice remembering all the nice things

I’ve done for you telling other people

about how your prayers were answered is

one way to do this please do this it

will make me happy and be good for both

of you you could also write down these

examples of prayers that were answered

and put them somewhere that will always

remind you of them thank you over and

over again be being thankful will make

you happy in two ways it will remind you

of good times when your prayers were

answered and it will let you share the

happiness of being with

me rest assured that I know all of your

problems inside and out I have carefully

cleaned up and put away every tear you

have shed in my bottle don’t be scared

of Tears or the bad things that cause

them things that happen to you aren’t

just happening for no reason not only do

you have to trust me you have to trust

my whole power my view is bigger than

people’s and isn’t limited by time or

space so I can see how my divine plan

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