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look carefully then how you walk not as

unwise but as wise making the best use

of the time because the days are evil

Ephesians and

let’s look carefully how we walk dear

listener to look carefully implies a

deliberate and cautious approach to how

we live our lives our actions are not

simply the result of our own willpower

or worldly motivations instead they

should be Guided by a desire to please

God by examining our paths with

discernment we strive to lead lives that

align with his will living not as unwise

but as wise distinguishes us from the

world as followers of Christ we are

called to make decisions based on Divine

wisdom not merely on temporary human

desires it involves seeking Godly

counsel studying his word and allowing

the Holy Spirit to shape our thoughts

and actions through Christ’s Redemptive

work in us we can strive to exemplify

wisdom as we navigate through the

complexities of life however the Apostle

Paul also reminds us that it is not

enough to Simply possess wisdom we must

actively utilizes it by making the best

use of the time time is a gift given by

God and it is our responsibility to

Steward it wisely every moment presents

a unique opportunity to so seeds of the

Gospel to invest in relationships and to

serve others

selflessly recognizing the brevity of

life we ought to prioritize Eternal

values over the

temporal living in accordance with

Ephesians verses and calls for

intentional mindfulness and purposeful

action it encourages us to evaluate our

choices motivations and priorities

through the lens of wisdom and divine

guidance by doing so we can make the

most of our time on Earth honoring God

and positively impacting those around us

it reminds us of the importance of

living intentionally and wisely Guided

by the principles of faith and divine

wisdom it encourages us to be Discerning

in our actions making conscious

decisions that reflect our commitment to

God’s Will and the betterment of others

by stewarding our time and resources

wisely we can fulfill our purpose and

make a meaningful impact in the world

may we continuously strive to walk in

wisdom seizing each moment as an

opportunity to glorify God and serve his

kingdom like if you believe in God

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