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God says my child in The Quiet Moments

Of Dawn when the world is still asleep

it’s easy to feel the weight of your

dreams and

desires but remember the Lord will work

out his plans for your life Psalm

I have heard your prayer and seen

your tears I will heal you Kings

today here’s your confirmation God heard

you he’s up to something remarkable and

the grand reveal is on its way don’t


hope type yes God to affirm your

belief that disappointment you faced the

loss the Heartbreak those are not the

final chapters of your

story sometimes you have to let go of

something to gain something

better even when you’re physically and

emotionally drained God’s message is

clear keep

going he’ll Infuse you with his strength


favor he’ll send people resources and

finances your way that you never

imagined your situation is about to

change type amen if you

believe I will open the windows of

heaven for

you I will pour out a blessing so great

you won’t have enough room to take it in


every prayer you’ve uttered every

tear you’ve shed they haven’t gone

unnoticed your blessings are about to

overflow type to affirm the

blessings my child focus on this one

thing forgetting the past past and

looking forward to what lies ahead



somebody needs to start packing

some boxes because your address is about


change better days are just around the

corner type yes if you

believe I know all the things you do and

I have opened a door for you that no one

can close Revelation

those doors that are about to swing wide

open will put you in a place where

you’ll never have to borrow beg or


again I will answer him before they even


me while they are still talking about

their needs I will go ahead and answer

their prayers Isaiah

what you’ve prayed for is on the

way and it won’t take years months or


weeks expect a sudden shift type Amen to

affirm your

belief for every sleepless night I have

a blessing for

you you’re coming out of this and the

pain you’re feeling is coming to an

end I am going to heal your pain restore

what you’ve lost and provide all the

financial resources you

need blessings are in your

future I’m turning your pain into Power

your fears into focus and your

difficulties into

determination what the enemy intended

for evil I will use for

good stop

stressing God has already worked it

out he’s visiting your home today with

breakthroughs healing Miracles and

answers remember God will be with you

through whatever today

brings and when he opens that next door

you’ll understand why the enemy fought

you so

hard step back and let God be

God stay calm he will guide you through


trial stop stressing I will get you


this if it’s meant to be God will make

it happen in his perfect

timing you won’t ever have to force

something that’s from

God so be at peace with the fact that

either this will be yours or something


better my child know that you’re not

alone on this

journey God’s promises are real and his

love is

unending trust in him have faith and let

his plans

unfold a

amen please type amen if you believe in

God’s plan for your


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