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my beloved child I do not wish for you

to fall into the snares set by those who

would exploit your needs for their gain

when the world offers you the temptation

of easy riches I beseech you not to

surrender to their chains do not be

deceived by their empty promises summon

your inner strength and embrace courage

knock on the doors of opportunity labor

with unwavering persistence and

faltering honesty cry out to me and I

shall answer with blessings so abundant

that you will have an overflow to share

and give to others take these words to

heart and remember this sign my promise

to you I send you forth equipped to rise

and conquer the land that unfolds before

you never underestimate any opportunity

no matter how humble or unassuming it

may appear when you remain faithful and

labor with all your strength you shall

be met with astonishing surprises I make

this promise clear I shall bless your

endeavors and multiply your Deeds when

you act in obedience to my word now is

the time my dear child it is time to

fulfill the mission for which I have

chosen you I desire to rekindle the

fervor and enthusiasm that once burned

brightly within your heart do not

squander Precious Moments dwelling on

past failures or the troubles that once

ens snared you in this very moment a BL

aming flame ignites consuming your

imperfections and dispelling your

frustrations rise forth my child in

triumphant Spirit do not confine

yourself to a corner mourning over the

mistakes that lie in your wake I shall

Place individuals on your path who will

open doors of opportunity and bless you

with their friendship those who seek

only to quench your spirit I shall

remove from your life I will relieve you

of burdens enabling you to walk

unburdened towards the victories that

await you always remember you are not

alone you are cherished and invaluable

lean upon my shoulder cast aside the

painful thoughts that would deceive you

into believing that you are unloved and

abandoned deep within you know this to

be untrue receive my words as a warm and

comforting Embrace in this very moment

know that you shall not falter nor shall

you be disheartened by conflicts or

suffering regardless of what may come

place your trust in me surrender your

pain and allow me to console you if

tears Must Fall know that I am here

ready to listen pour out your heart and

share your feelings lastly relinquish

those feelings of failure and defeat to

me I am with you my child every day I

Stand By Your Side in the morning light

in the afternoon’s Embrace and in the

Stillness of the night I am here to

provide you with comfort and unwaver W

in support to convey how deeply I

cherish you my love encompasses you and

my mighty hand watches over you today

rise from Victory to Victory confront

the adversarial armies that may arise

scale the walls of conflicts and

Vanquish the forces of Darkness anchored

in the strength of my word as the day

draws to a close approach me once more

kneel in humility and entrust your fears

and weaknesses to me I will be here

ready to heal you with my Divine love

mending the wounds inflicted upon you by

the world moreover I shall Empower you

to raise your arms in Victory we shall

celebrate your triumphs together and I

shall Place upon your brow a Crown of

Life and strength preparing you for the

journey that lies ahead even when you

stand upon the highest peaks of success

I shall be there to celebrate alongside

you sharing in your joy regardless of

where life’s path leads you remember

that my love for you is eternal I shall

forever stand ready to support you in

all that you require a multitude of

blessings await you and I shall uncover

new ways to inspire and encourage you to

persevere do not heed the Grievances of

those who have lost hope who Lament The

deteriorating state of the world while

the masses flee in fear know that I am

your Shield protecting you and your

family beneath the shelter of my love I

shall Encompass you with abundance

provision health and protection do not

tremble if you encounter material losses

for the obstacles to your happy are but


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