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my child time is a dynamic Force surging

even faster than the waves of the sea as

we will step into December

a month that promises twists and

turns your angels affirm that this

period will reshape the trajectory of

your life altering your perspective on

the challenges you

face Embrace this new month as an

opportunity for an unprecedented Soul


experience a journey toward improved

mental health and spiritual growth in

the wise words of Proverbs

trust in the Lord with all your

heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways submit to

him and he will make your path straight

your Celestial Guardians along with the

supreme god acknowledge the burdens you

carry the pain you endure and the

troubles that weigh on your

mind yet be assured dear one that every

trial is nearing its end the days of

Happiness are returning to your life and

the goodness of December will soon

unfold as the month begins you may feel

emotional pain and be haunted by bitter

memories of the

past however as you tread into the mid

December expect delightful surprises

that will cast activate your spirit

pending tasks will effortlessly find

resolution and the chains of grief will

be broken granting you profound mental

peace your thoughts hold the power to

shape your reality reflect on

Philippians finally brothers and

sisters whatever is true whatever is

Noble whatever is right whatever is pure

whatevers is admirable if anything is

excellent or praiseworthy think about

about such things while contemplating

the future manifest positivity for your

thoughts attract vibrations into your

life banish worries and focus on the

present as both the universe and your

angels encourage you to release life’s

burdens prepare for a new cycle where

December surprises will exceed your


imagination in the midst of uncertainty

remember Ecclesiastes there is a

time for everything and a season for

every activity under the

heavens this December marks a pivotal

moment in your spiritual journey where

your choices in time become

Paramount seize control appreciate the

gift of life and be mindful of your

happiness circumstances don’t dictate

your joy it emanates from within embrace

the battles with a smile and Trust in

your heart

choose happiness over sorrow and like a

runner preparing for a final leap gather

the strength gained from overcoming

hurdles step out of the Shadows into the

sunlight for abundance cannot find you

if you hide behind scarcity release

unnecessary burdens let go of negativity

and have confidence in yourself and

those guiding your path awake to plan a

new life recognizing that your Soul’s

evolution reaches a critical point in

December Paving the way for a better

version of yourself after mid December

let go of old practices laying the

foundation for a blessed path

illuminated by God’s light your angels

will be steadfast guides as you navigate

this new Journey seize the opportunity

to use the Divine Light to expand your

possibilities and Inspire your heart

pleas remember just as a runner gains

energy during a break the trials and

obstacles have prepared you to emerge

stronger and more inspired the race of

life is yours to win your perspective

shapes your reality and you possess the

key to your

happiness understand that every event in

your life serves a greater purpose and

in the storms of life find the strength


smile release your worries embrace your

choices and make this December your best

month yet with the grace of your angel

the universe and the supreme god choose

to stay blessed and happy you’ll

undoubtedly become the

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