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God says in the tapestry of life there

are moments when it may seem as though

the threads of rejection and

disappointment are woven into the very

fabric of your

existence when your plans unravel and

your dreams Fray at the edges it’s easy

to question the path you’re

on but in those moments remember this

God is not closing doors

he’s guiding you towards something far


magnificent his Divine designs far

surpass your

own type Amen to affirm your

belief in the heart of uncertainty in

the face of life’s unpredictable twists

and turns seek solace in his strength


wisdom embrace the notion that he has a

purpose a grand tapestry of a future

painted with brighter Hues than you can

imagine don’t stand idly by waiting for

your desires to

materialize instead draw from The Well

of talents and opportunities already

within your

grasp take bold actions and toil

diligently knowing that these resources

are the very blessings that God has

provided within your life

limitations God doesn’t see constraints

he sees opportunities for his greatness

to shine

through trust in his Divine provision

and March forward with unwavering

determination type Amen in the comments

if you believe in Divine

miracles in his omniscience God

possesses perfect knowledge of your past

present and

future his wisdom stretches Far Beyond

the Horizon of time

itself believe that he knows the

intricate paths you’ll walk and the

choices you’ll

make place your unwavering trust in his

Divine wisdom and guidance knowing that

he perceives the vastness of your

journey share this message of Faith

trust and perseverance with

others let your words and actions become

a radiant Testament to the boundless

power and benevolence of

God seek out daily messages of his love

Grace and wisdom to nourish your

spirit Jesus beckons you to disseminate

this message far and wide Illuminating

the lives of those who cross your

path may you be a vessel of God’s love

and light carrying his message of Hope

and Truth into the hearts of all you

encounter type Amen in the comments and

let his blessings envelop you


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