God Says: Don’t Hurt Me By Ignoring This |

my beloved child who is there with you

God who is all powerful is the King of

Kings and the Lord of lords he is

Majestic in his power and authority I

give you the strength to get through it

please answer I want to hear you and

feel how these words spark your faith

again when it was weak and your desire

to win again pay attention accept and

believe no Vice or bad habit is too hard

for you to beat spells curses sorcery

and other forms of magic can’t hurt you

so you have to make your enemy stronger

evil armies are all around you but

they’re just making noise and making

empty threats they want you to be scared

because the only thing that can stop you

is fear get up Braveheart I am giving

you power stay strong in the fights that

tried to take away your happiness your

chains are broken today it will end

the hopelessness that held you down the

feelings that beat you up and the

memories that hurt you will all be gone

take my hand and let’s walk together to

success and happiness if you come back

to me tomorrow I will give you even more

living water from the Eternal rock my

Holy Spirit to fill you with love and my

Supernatural presence that will never

leave you I’m going to tell you again

because I know it makes you happy and

calm I care about you you require love

every morning go to the safe spot as

soon as I get a chance I’ll cover you

with love and protection and give you a

warm hug take my hand and I’ll lead you

to my table like a caring parent I will

feed you with Divine words that will

give you great strength I will clean

your face comb your hair and give you a

bag full of new desires then we will go

out and live and fight together I love

seeing your happy confident face because

you know you are not alone and that I

will protect you no matter what

I will be there for you even as we go

through dangerous paths and deep valleys

we will begin to climb until we reach

the top of a new Mountain there you will

find the victories that are already

yours and be given a new purpose I will

renew your hopes the sun shining on your

future will burn the beautiful blessings

you are about to receive into your skin

you are no longer the same your face

shines with happiness your legs are

strong your feet are light your arms can

carry heavy loads and your character

will shine even brighter than before you

will get where you’re going but first

you need to learn to walk by faith and

not by sight it will make me so happy

when you can trust me completely even

when you can’t see me and even when

things go wrong don’t be afraid I will

never leave you you will keep doing your

job and fulfilling your duties you can

overcome any problem if you have a

strong faith that drives you to succeed

even if you don’t have much or anything

if you are healthy or sick if your

family is there for you or if they have

left you remember this promise in your

heart I am the almighty God who keeps

his promises I don’t break my contracts

or lie do not give up even if you have

failed trust me when you come to me I

don’t want to hurt you because of the

mistakes you’ve made I will help you

even if you have to deal with the faults

you made you will keep going and I will

take your way worries away when you’re

down don’t let your feelings get in the

way don’t give up keep going you are

almost going to understand how much I

love you I always will how can I get you

to agree with me take my hand kiss your

forehead and tell you again how much I

love you this time I want you to really

feel it you will be able to smell the

holy scent of this Supernatural love

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