God Says: Don’t Hurt Me Again By Skipping Me | God Message Today

dear child I draw near to you Endeavor

to relish my presence in the here and

now trust and gratitude are your most

faithful allies in this Quest dwelling

on the past or fretting about the future

dims your awareness of me trusting me

wholeheartedly enables you to dwell

fully in the present where my presence

eternally abides converse with me

frequently Whispering I trust you Jesus

I love you oh Lord my strength these

brief prayers will keep you close to me

assured of my unwavering vigilance over

you furthermore cultivate a spirit of

gratitude for a grateful heart is

essential for residing close to me in

gratitude is displeasing to my divine

nature and saps your spiritual and

emotional Vitality always remember that

you are inheriting an unshakable Kingdom

irrespective of the circumstances that

envelop your life or for the world’s

upheavals this dear one provides an

everlasting unwavering cause for

gratitude anchor yourself in me basking

in my presence by offering thanks in all

circumstances my beloved child you don’t

have to feel like I’m close to you to

pray this way but the more you thank me

for being there the more real I seem to

you in me you live move and have your

being align your mind heart and spirit

with this truth to become more aware you

can also look for signs of My Invisible

Presence around you the most clear

reminders of me can come from the beauty

of Nature and the happiness of being

with people you love I am the Living

Word so you can find me in my word ask

my spirit to shine his light into the

Bible for you shining it into your heart

and helping you see the glory of my

presence people who honor me and put

their trust in my unwavering love make

me happy many people get the wrong idea

about fear of the Lord but it is the

foundation of all spiritual knowledge

and wisdom respect love and obedience to

my will are all parts of it if you swap

your goals and attitudes for mine you

agree to follow me being in line with me

is the best way to live because I am

your creator when this biblical fear

shows up in your life I’m very proud of

you try to feel my happiness shining on

you at those times it’s not always easy

to do what I want and your journey with

me may have many ups and downs still my

unwavering love can give you hope no

matter what is going on because they

trust the wrong things a lot of people

feel hopeless disappointed and cynical

in this world but my love for you will

never let you down it will never leave

you dear one hold on to hope it is the

the golden thread that links you to me

pay close attention to your prayers and

be thankful as you do them prayer is a

way of life for my followers and a way

to stay in touch with me while it is

possible it is not always easy the evil

one doesn’t want you to be devoted to me

and His Dark Forces are trying to stop

and weaken your communication with me

because of this it is very important

that you stick to this discipline if you

want to stay in touch with me you can

train yourself to call on me even when

you doing something else let me into

your life to make your work easier and

your life more satisfying set aside a

specific amount of time to talk to me

only it can be hard to do this but it

works to pray you need to have a clear

mind and a thankful heart ask my spirit

the helper to strengthen your prayers

and make you more grateful and sharp

minded keeping an alert mind and a

thankful heart will not only help you

pray better but they will will also make

your life better in general thank me and

praise my name learn to find Joy when

things don’t go as planned don’t start

your day with the determination to make

everything go your way every day you’ll

encounter something that doesn’t yield

to your will it might be as trivial as

your reflection in the mirror or as

Monumental as a loved one’s serious

illness or injury my purpose for you is

not to fulfill your every wish or make

your life trouble-free

my desire is that you learn to trust me

in all circumstances if you insist on

having your way all the time you’ll be

frustrated often I don’t want you to

waste energy regretting what has

happened the past cannot be changed but

you have my help in the present and my

hope for the future so try to relax

trusting in my control over your life

remember I am always close to you and

there is abundant joy in my presence my

face radiates with joy that shines upon

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