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my child have you ever wondered what God

wants you to do with your

life what is his purpose and plan for

you well you’re in luck because in this

video I’m going to share with you the

message that God has for you

today a message that will inspire you

motivate you and guide you to your

destiny my child you don’t need to keep

dwell in on your

mistakes it’s time to forgive yourself

and move

forward let go of the sadness and

frustration that’s been holding you back

it’s time to start a new chapter filled

with freedom and

happiness remember you’re under the

protection of divine

love so let’s leave behind the heavy

burdens and embrace a life of lightness


joy type yes God to

affirm I see the pain you’re going

through it hurts when people treat us

badly doesn’t it but guess what your

journey forward is all about healing and

starting a new you might feel like

happiness is Out Of Reach but trust me

that’s not

true I’m here to tell you that the tough

times are behind you now typ yes if


believe it’s time to let go of the past

and embrace this Fresh Start you’re

surrounded by love and kindness once

again those tears you shed in sadness

will soon be replaced by Tears of

Joy the darkness that’s been haunting

you will vanish and my light will guide

you listen closely to what I’m about to

say you you are deeply loved and that

love is what will bring happiness back

into your

life no matter what challenges come your

way remember this promise I’m here for

you and my love for you will never ever

fade so chin up

friend there’s no limit to the happiness

that awaits you trust in love and you’ll

see miracles happen in your life

even when you feel far away or down

because of your mistakes my power is

still with you ready to help you’re

never alone on this

journey if you’re feeling overwhelmed

remember this I made you and I love you

endlessly you don’t have to worry

because I’m always here looking out for

you ignore any negativity around you and

remember that I want you to be be brave

and strong say it loud I’m tough because

of my connection with the

Divine type yes Holy Father if you

believe don’t let your feelings control

you and don’t let tough times shake your

faith Stand Tall whether you’re facing

challenges or celebrating

victories always remember I’m right

beside you even when things feel scar

keep holding on to your faith even when

it feels

weak trust me even if you’re scared my

spirit and teachings will guide you

you’re never

alone repeat after me I’m staying strong

no matter what comes my

way face tough times with courage

because I promise you won’t get burned

in the fire and you won’t drown in deep



don’t give up hope because I’m with you

wherever you

go I’ll never leave your side no matter


happens my child I see you’re feeling

down carrying the weight of the world on


shoulders but guess what you’re not

alone when I look at you I see someone

who’s hurting inside even if nobody else

notices your keeping it all inside and I

can see your spirit

weakening but here’s the good news you

don’t have to stay stuck in this

place you’re not here to beat yourself

up over the struggles you

face I’m here to remind you that you’re


unconditionally and together we can find

a way out of the darkness that’s been

surrounding you type yes Holy Father if


believe picture this I’m speaking

straight to your heart filling it with

love and warmth like a comforting

embrace you know what I’ve got your back

always trust me even when things seem

tough and you’re feeling

weary whenever you’re feeling drained

and ready to give up just turn to me

I’ll be your safe haven giving you the

strength to keep going and wrapping you


peace say it loud and clear even when

I’m tired I’ll find new

energy on those days when fatigue tries

to drag you down remember I’m right

there ready to lift your spirits and

bring you

calm no need to fear because amazing

surprises are waiting just around the

corner every word I share with you is

like a tiny seed planted in your

soul guess what they’ll grow strong

roots nourishing your prayers and

leading to a Bountiful

Harvest repeat after me I am walking the

path of blessings and

abundance so no matter how young or old

you are remember this you’re never

alone keep the faith and watch as hope

blooms in your life like a beautiful

garden in the Bible there’s a promise of

great abundance and joy waiting for you

picture yourself overflowing with

happiness laughing freely and singing

songs of thanks from your heart don’t

let fleeting negative thoughts shake you

trust every word I speak they’re filled

with purpose and will bring amazing

changes to your spirit finances home and

life even if your spirit feels weak now

it’ll soon be strong again filled with


energy I’m offering you a fresh start

but it’s your faith that will make this


happen are you feeling overwhelmed with

your finances seeking peace and Harmony

in your

home every day I’m here to offer you

Heavenly guidance filling your soul with

wisdom surround yourself with those who

Embrace peace love and proudly speak the

name of

Jesus let their words be kind and

truthful and their actions reflect God’s

goodness remember wherever people Gather

in God’s name healing and New Beginnings

follow believe with all your heart

Miracles are just around the corner TR

trust in God to lighten your load and

bring you

comfort stay alert and you’ll witness

the signs of a brighter future full of

blessings know this you’re about to

embark on an amazing journey in your

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