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for from him and through him and to him

are all things to him be glory forever

amen Romans

as Christians we believe in the

sovereignty of God this means that God

is in control of everything from the

smallest detail to the grandest scheme

he is the author of life and the

sustainer of the universe we are

entirely dependent on him and there is

nothing we can do without his provision

the verse tells us that all things come

from God are sustained through him and

will ultimately return to him this means

that everything we have everything we

are and everything we will be is because

of God’s grace and mercy it’s easy to

forget this truth when we’re caught up

in the busyness of Life striving to

achieve our goals and meet our needs we

can become selfish and prideful taking

credit for our successes and blaming God

or others for our failures but but the

verse reminds us that we must give all

the glory to God Forever This is a

humbling and comforting truth it’s

humbling because it reminds us that we

are not in control and that we are

entirely dependent on God’s grace it’s

comforting because it assures us that

God’s love and provision will never fail

and that we can trust him in all

circumstances is anyone among you

suffering then he must pray is anyone

cheerful he is to sing praises James

dear listener suffering this is the

common lot of all believers Acts

says strengthening The Souls of the

disciples encouraging them to continue

in the faith and saying through many

tribulations we must enter the kingdom

of God suffering is meant for believers

to Humble themselves to God when we Face

troubles or persecutions or tribulation

we as Believers should should not ask

why rather if such things do not come we

should ask why not God tells us plainly

through his word that the life of

Believers is not one of ease and

pleasure and success in this world

Christ never promised any of his

Believers that they would Escape

tribulation or distress he warned them

of persecution and death for his sake so

when we suffer let’s pray for in Jesus

there is Victory in Jesus we can find

peace like if you believe in


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