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God says

God is telling to you today you are a

recipient of my grace even though the

Israelites complained against me

rebelled against me and broke my


I still forgave them blessed them and

kept the promise that I made to them by

my grace when you reflect on your life

you may find times when you have also

complained against me rebelled against

me rebelled against me and broke my

commandment but still when you look at

your life you can see how much you are

blessed and how much of my grace you

have received do you know why I am

gracious to you it is because you are my

child and I love you dearly remember I

kept separamise that I made to the

Israelites in the same way you also have

a promise from me I am always faithful

to keep it to obey me and trust in me

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community listen up don’t be anxious

about anything but pray about everything

and rely on me dot remember if I have

begun something in your life

den and the right time I will complete

it and open up a door through it for

more blessings trust in me five Bible

verses change your life one and see I

will be by your side till the end of

time Matthew to he binds up

their wounds and heals the Brokenhearted


God says draw near to me and I will come

nearer to you Psalms –

four you will always have the Lord by

your sigh he will never abandon you nor

forsake you avoid becoming discouraged

and don’t be frightened Deuteronomy –

. don’t be afraid I’m here to help dot

I am your God so don’t let that

discourage you I’ll support you and give

you strength then I’ll support you with

my right hand of Victory

Isaiah – God says type why yes if

you want to experience my peace God has

a remarkable way of redirecting your

plans reshuffling

individuals and orchestrating events to

bring everything into harmony even when

it seems like things aren’t going

according to your desires hold on a bit

longer he is actively working on your

behalf Embrace this belief within

wavering faith God says hold tightly

onto my hand I am fully aware of every

trial and hardship you are currently

enduring I will carve how to pass

specifically for you to not be swayed by

the corrupt circumstances with a whole

no significance rest assured everything

will be fine place your unwavering trust

in me if you desire Miracles watch this

video all the way through to the end God

is speaking directly to you today

assuring you that he is meticulously

arranging every aspect of your life he

remains constantly by your side

regardless of the challenges you may be


place your trust in him completely

knowing that he will Faithfully care for

you and every season you walk through my

beloved child I want you to know without

a doubt that I am your constant

companion in every season of your life

when you experience moments of bliss I

share in your joyous celebrations

during times of Sorrow I draw near to

embrace you tenderly I intimately

understand the depths of your heart and

the struggles you confront rest assured

and put your faith in me I am your

sanctuary and the Wellspring of Your

Inner Strength when you feel depleted I

will Infuse you with renewed Vigor when

you feel adrift I will illuminate your


one discouragement weighs upon you I

will uplift and elevate your spirit

remember you are never alone for I am

forever at your sight

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God is saying ye understand that feeling

of inadequacy and doubt that often

accompanies God’s calling let me assure

you you are not alone in this sentiment

a Divine calling surpasses our natural

abilities strengths and talents it

requires the supernatural intervention

of God working through us

if you believe you lack intelligence

gifting resources connections or any

other qualification rest assured that

you are in a steam company

you are strategically positioned for God

to manifest his power through you if you

could accomplish it on your own without

relying on God then his presence would

be unnecessary

it’s time to cease waiting and take that

courageous leap of faith embrace the

call and pursue it wholeheartedly type

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