God Says: Do You Hate Me, Child? | God Message For You Today

my beloved child I am always moving you

forward and guiding you on this amazing

journey called life as you go through

hard times I know that you long for the

simple times of the past when things

seemed easier when you look back you

feel nostalgic and long for the simpler

times this desire to go back to the past

comes up even in your prayers but I want

you to understand that time can only go

in one

direction from the moment you are born

until you reach the Gates of Heaven your

life on Earth is a journey I am your

leader and it is your job to follow me

wherever I go as your savior God and

Shepherd I may take you to places you’d

rather not go trust that this is okay

with you sometimes it hurts and seems

hard but I always show you the best way

to go when you’re having a hard time

time and in a dark Valley look to me for

help trust me and follow me because I

will be with you the whole way as you

get closer to me I’ll light the way

ahead turning your Darkness into bright

light over time when you are in pain

come to me tell me you trust me and let

my love wrap around you breathe in the

peace that comes from being with me it’s

a peace that goes beyond understanding

spend some quiet time with me to feel

the joy of being with me don’t think

about anything else just think about me

do not worry or stress about anything

instead choose to focus on me my joy my

peace and my unwavering love living

close to me as a spiritual experience

there are many problems in the world but

remember that I have already solved them

it’s time for you to rise above your

problems by looking at me say I trust

you Jesus you are my hope to show that

you believe in me me saying these short

prayers over and over will help you see

things from a Heavenly point of view

free from the limits of your Earthly

life put your worries on me and I’ll

take care of you it doesn’t matter how

bad things look for you I can and will

get you through them there are times

when things that are weighing you down

feel too much to handle do not try to

carry these loads by yourself bring them

into my presence throw them on me and

let me take care of them even though

things might not get better right away

this process will truly help you feel

better giving me your burdens is a

spiritual exchange it lets you know that

I am in charge of your life and that the

results are up to me this action makes

your load a lot lighter freeing you from

the weight of things you can’t change

remember that I promise to give you rest

when you come to me tired and stressed

trust that I will always love you and

let me carry your heavy load my yoke is

easy and my burden is light know this my

love I am in you and you are in me this

is a deep mystery that no one can fully

understand I the infinite one who made

the universe live inside you a limited

Fallen person our bond is stronger than

any human relationship and people who

have been married for decades still

don’t fully understand each other’s

thoughts and feelings but I know

everything about you from your deepest

thoughts and feelings to what will

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