God Says: Devils Plan Will Succeed “IF YOU IGNORE THIS MESSAGE” | God Message |

my child your yearning for connection

with the Divine has not gone

unnoticed your prayers fervent and

sincere have summoned me to your side

not through happen stance but through

the meticulous orchestration of Divine

Providence that I and these sacred

moments my Holy Spirit envelopes you

infusing your life with strength and

Solace you have felt my presence my

gentle Whispers echoing within the

depths of your being preparing you for

this Divine

encounter as you delve into the pages of

your Bible my messages resonate with

Clarity and purpose Illuminating the

path to spiritual

enlightenment today as you open your

heart to me once more our covenant is

reaffirmed Bound by the unbreakable Bond

of faith don’t worry about all the

doubts and fears that are weighing you

down I’m listening to your prayers and I

care about what you want deep down

inside believe in our special connection

and know that your words are reaching

the heavens carried by

Grace ever since you were born there’s

been a powerful force looking out for

you you’re not just a regular person

you’re a fighter in a big battle for


life the bad guys are trying to mess

with you but don’t be scared because

I’ve got a whole Army of Angels On Your

Side type yes God if you

believe the tough stuff you’re going

through isn’t just random it’s all part

of a plan to make you

stronger be careful with your thoughts

and words because the enemy is out there

trying to trip you up with with

lies but don’t worry your future is full

of amazing things and

miracles even though things might be

hard right now it won’t last

forever the heavy stuff you’re carrying

will be lifted off your shoulders soon

and the people who hurt you might even

come back to say

sorry so stand firm my dear child and

Trust in the divine plan unfolding for

you Victory awaits those who persevere

with unwavering faith and courage in the

face of


adversity remember this my beloved

disciples your faith must remain

steadfast in me

alone despite the tempting Promises of

others only I possess the true power to

bless and Safeguard you from the snares


evil I the epitome of truth never falter


deceive and trusting your faith in

Hollow pledges from deceitful Hearts

will only lead to disappointment with

blessings fleeting like the wind some


forever now is the time to Anchor your

faith in my eternal and unwavering

word as the hour of decision loons

choose to embrace my love and affection

wholeheartedly make a solemn commitment

to commune with me each morning

absorbing the wisdom that illuminates

your path and gives meaning to your

existence do not cower in fear as you

approach me for I eagerly await your

presence regardless of your state or

emotions my Gates stand open ready to

receive you with opened arms and


ears seek me out before the break of

Dawn when the world is still and the air

is filled with The Whispers of

possibility lay bear your desires and

bask in the warmth of my loving

Embrace speak your truth without

reservation for your words are a

reflection of your innermost

thoughts make space for me in your heart

for it is a sweet offering that I


dearly share with me your dream your

needs your frustrations and your

doubts I am your Confidant your true

friend who understands you in ways no

mortal ever

could though the storms of adversity may

have battered your spirit and the Lash

of Cruelty left you reeling know that I

am here to soo your wants and bring you

peace type yes Holy Father if you

believe in the Trials of Life find

solace in my strength and let

Tranquility wash over you amidst the

storms that rage within and

without in moments of weakness draw upon

the Wellspring of strength that resides

within me and fear shall find no

foothold in your

heart cling steadfastly to the promises

I bestow upon you for in your darkest

hours I am your unwavering ing Beacon of

Hope know that my blessings are a

manifestation of my deep and Abiding

Love For You Chosen and cherished above


others today marks a significant

milestone in your journey a day of

Triumph and victory that shall be etched

into the annals of

time type Amen to affirm your

faith these promises sealed with the

very essence of my being guarantee you

Eternal happiness and life Everlasting

in my divine

presence shed your tears for they shall

soon be replaced by Tears of Joy and

Pain shall give way to boundless

Bliss believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you God

God for those who hold God close to

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words I really love you

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sign cast aside IDE the burdens that

weigh heavy upon your soul for help is

on the horizon ready to lift you up and

carry you through the trials that lie

ahead open your eyes and behold the

promise of a brighter tomorrow for I Am

With You Always guiding and protecting

you every step of the

way listen closely my child for my love

for you knows no

bounds today I reveal the depth of my

affection for you urging you to

reciprocate with Declarations of love

and unwavering belief in my divine

power I understand the trials and

tribulations that weigh heavy on your

heart casting Shadows of doubt and

frustration upon your

path but have faith for I am here to

guide you through the darkness

Illuminating the way with my boundless

wisdom and Grace

know that your well-being is of utmost

importance to me and I will spare no

effort in ensuring your safety and

protection trust in the signs and

signals I provide for they are the

breadcrumbs leading you towards your


destiny be weary of those who Fain

friendship for not all who extend their

hand do so with genuine

intentions in my omnipotent

I perceive the hidden dangers that lurp

beneath the surface safeguarding you

from harm and

deceit so heed my words my child and

walk only the paths that I have ordained


you do not allow false friends to sway

you with their fleeting tempers and


disappearances rest assured your prayers

are not in vain the challenges you face

are my response to your please for

protection and

guidance trust that I am ever Vigilant

rescuing you from Harm’s

Way take comfort in my presence as I

bring Tranquility to your troubled

soul trust that I am orchestrating

events to pave the path towards your

Triumph understand that progress

requires patience obstacles must be

overcome and traps dismantled before you

can advance

securely when the time is ripe you shall

step into your destiny Unshackled by

fear know this I have never forsaken you

never released my grasp on your

hand my promises remain unbroken and now

it is your turn to uphold your end of


Covenant Place your trust in me summon

your courage and hold your head

high release the burden of Sorrow I am

here to bolster console and heal your

wounds hey

there even when things get tough

remember that you’re not

alone forget about love that comes with

conditions mine is strong and

unwavering your struggles might feel

overwhelming but my love for you will

never fade and I’ll always be here for


I’ve heard your cries for help noticed

when you were losing hope and felt how

badly you wanted away

out but maybe you’ve been looking in the

wrong places because the solution has

always been right in front of

you I’m your guide your source of hope

your rock and your ultimate

goal when things get crazy if you have

faith in me and turn to me you’ll come

out out on top when the time is right

and in the way that’s best for

you trust me I’ll lead you to the way

out if you start to lose patience and

feel tired I’ll give you the strength


need I give you my peace don’t give up

now because you’re so close to Reaching


Dreams it is imperative that you place

your unwavering trust in me seeking my

counsel before making any any


decisions The Perils of acting without

my guidance could prove dire but fear

not for I am here to lead you to the

Pinnacle of

success disastrous jeopardizing all that

you have worked so hard to

attain understand this you are not

engaged in a competition with others nor

do you me to prove your Worth to

anyone your Stead fast Faith In Me Is

evidence enough of your

devotion walk with purpose and

deliberation for the path to Blessings

and prosperity awaits

you as you approach the threshold of

your promised blessings hold fast to

these words a season of Abundant

Blessings is on the horizon for you and

your loved

ones your faith has remained steadfast

positioning you for vict

iory cast aside the self-imposed

limitations that have hindered your

progress and embrace the truth that you

are my cherished

child the trials and tribulations you

have endured have only served to

strengthen your

resolve your spirit has weathered the

storms of fear and doubt emerging

stronger and more resilient than ever

before even in the midst of adversity

you’ve emerged stronger and wiser

equipped with the discernment to

navigate life’s treacherous Waters and

discern true allies from Mere

acquaintances your unwavering dedication

to my Divine will has positioned you on

the precipice of greatness poised to

usher in a new era of unparalleled

Miracles embrace the blessings that

awake you with open arms for they shall

Infuse Your Existence with boundless

strength and

joy do not succumb to the temptation of

Despair for I am everpresent

listening protecting and guiding you


Prosperity with every tear shed in

gratitude know that I am orchestrating a

symphony of blessings tailored

specifically for

you remain steadfast in your pursuit of

me for I am the ultimate healer and

provider of abundance

seek me with all your heart and never

forget the Miracles I have decreed for


life pay heed to the moments when my

spirit stirs within you signaling the

onset of transformation and in divine

intervention Embrace these sacred

encounters for they shall pave the way

for a future brimming with blessings and


manifestations today let us bid farewell

to the toxic influences of anger and

negativity and instead immerse ourselves

fully in the boundless River of my

love do not dismiss my gentle Whispers

nor turn away when I extend my hand in

guidance embrace my correction for it is

born out of enduring love and a desire

for your ultimate

well-being I am you protector shielding

you from the clutches of the enemy and

delivering your repentant heart from


Way your petitions when brought to me in

unwavering faith shall not go

unanswered every day at the break of

dawn I eagerly awake your presence

cherishing the sincerity and confidence

in your

words trust that I am attentive to your

needs and that I shall never abandon you

in your time of

need when weariness threatens to

overwhelm you seek solace in my presence

rest your weary head upon my shoulder

and confide in me without

fear I am not merely a deity but your

steadfast friend and Confidant devoid of

judgment or

condemnation your secrets are safe with

me for they do not provoke my anger but

rather streng strengthen our bond of

trust and

intimacy hold fast to my words let them

take root in your soul they shall serve

as your Guiding Light leading you away

from the Shadows of the past and

anchoring your emotions in the

present the future teams with Limitless

potential but only those who approach it

with unwavering courage and steadfast

resolve trusting in my Divine timing

shall emerge vict

Victorious behold the gates of

reconciliation swing open before you

embrace the path of forgiveness as a

testament to your

strength those who once scorned and

belittled you shall return humbled and

in awe of the divine presence that


you as you rise to prominence you shall

become a Beacon of Hope touching the

lives of many and extending a helping

hand and to those in

need believe it for it is written and

prepare yourself for the time of

fulfillment draws

near do not yield to fear for abundance

shall overflow into your

life approach it with wisdom and

humility and in your moments of prayer

offer gratitude for the blessings that

await even those yet

unseen let your prayers resent with joy

and Faith for they wield the power to

penetrate the heavens and Vanquish every

obstacle in your

path raise your voice in Thanksgiving

let your praise ring out and lift your

arms in adoration to the

Divine in this spiritual warfare prepare

to banish all negative energies from

your home

forever embrace the profound Tranquility

that shall envelop your dwelling

shielding it from

horn fear not for my Celestial Guardians

stand watch ready to repel any spiritual

threats that dare

approach you are not a random occurrence

in the

cosmos I the orchestrator of Destiny

handpicked you long before the dawn of


itself with unbounded affection I

bestowed upon you an unyielding in

spirit and the fortitude of a true

champion your past trials were but

Stepping Stones to your ultimate

greatness embrace the Divine Purpose

woven into the fabric of your

existence the time has come for my grand

design to

unfold cast aside doubt and uncertainty

for my words resonate deep within your

soul those who reject my guidance shall

face direct confrontation from

me do not follow in their misguided

footsteps nor seek their

validation Your Allegiance lies with me

alone do not place your trust in Mortal

beings but instead turn your gaze

towards the Divine Trinity of the Father

the Son and the Holy

Spirit in their presence you shall find

all the trols necessary for Triumph and

prosperity entrust your hopes and dreams

to their Mighty hands for they alone

hold the power to bring forth miracles

in your life and the lives of your loved

ones today is a special day full of

amazing opportunities and

blessings listen to me closely because I

am speaking to your heart and creating a

strong connection with you

as you chase after your dreams remember

that you are on a sacred Journey Guided

by something greater than

yourself I care about you so

much I am here to protect you from

life’s challenges and help you achieve

success let my love surround you pushing

away any sadness and showing you the way


happiness feel my love wrapping around

you giving you hope even in the darkest

times let go of your past struggles and

embrace your inner strength that will

lead you to

Greatness you are strong and capable of

overcoming any

obstacles stand tall and believe in

yourself knowing that I am here to keep


safe I understand your pain and

hardships and I am here to support you

through it all

in moments when tears flow freely and

despair threatens to overwhelm your

spirit do not be ashamed of your

vulnerability understand that I am the

only one capable of offering true Solace


support when faced with imminent danger

banish thoughts of defeat and despair

from your

mind the Shadows Of Darkness have

dissipated leaving behind a path

Illumina ated by unwavering confidence

and divine

guidance today I have bestowed upon you

A Renewed sense of Joy bolstered your

faith and inscribed Promises of

unwavering trust upon your very

soul I have ignited within you a fresh

Vision fueled by the unyielding power of

my Divine

word do not squander your precious time

attempting to sway the hearts of those

who seek to undermine your

journey their minds are closed to your

truth their tongues tripping with scorn


disbelief but fear not for you require

no validation from the naysayers on your

path to

Triumph while they stumble blindly

towards their inevitable demise you

march boldly towards

Victory should loneliness encroach upon

your spirit or the yearning for

companionship weigh heavily upon your

heart remember this I am everpresent a

steadfast companion in your hour of

need trust in my timing for I shall send

forth the right allies to accompany you

on your

journey you are not insignificant to me

but rather a cherished and irreplaceable

Soul Victory shall soon be within your

grasp for I am never tardy in delivering


promises I comprehend the burden of

waiting the ceaseless contemplation of

an uncertain future that plagues your

mind therefore I implore you to cast

aside the heavy yoke of worry and

doubt surrender your burdens unto me and

I shall bear them with ease guiding you

towards the radiant Dawn of a brighter


fear not the uncertainties that lie

ahead for I have crafted a destiny of

boundless potential and prosperity for

you cast aside the veil of worry and

anxiety That clouds your vision for I am

the master of Miracles and the opener of

doors I am everpresent my word

unyielding my Dominion absolute over the

passing of

time even in the darkest hours of the

night when sleep evades you and weary

consumes your thoughts rest assured that

I hold your concerns in the palm of my

hand when anxiety grips your soul speak

boldly against its tyranny declaring

your trust in me your steadfast allying

Guardian witness as your fears dissolve

in the radiance of my peace Illuminating

the path to Joy and fulfillment

Embrace each moment of your life with

fervor and Zeal for I promise to be by

your side Whispering words of

encouragement and solace in times of

trial in the face of adversity draw

strength from the depths of your faith

for I am your rock and Fortress

providing you with the unwavering

resolve to withstand any

storm affirm your belief in my divine

plan for I have instilled within you the

conviction of my

warrant do not falter in your journey

for you have traversed too far to turn


now today I speak unto you to infuse you

with faith courage and unyielding

determination teaching you to endure

with patience and Trust in my perfect

timing take a moment to Center yourself

and connect with your innermost being

know that you are not alone in this

journey your destiny lies in the hands

of a benevolent higher

power despite the challenges that may

arise rest assured that I hold dominion

over all commanding even the fiercest

storms to obate of my

will my love for you knows no bounds I

am steadfast in my commitment to your

well-being trust in my unwavering

presence by your side for I am ever

ready to extend my hand and guide you

through life’s

trials reflect deeply and ask yourself

who else loves you with such boundless

devotion cast toight all doubt and

hesitation for victory is within your

reach I Infuse you with courage and

Faith empowering you to overcome

obstacles and emerge triumphant

know that I have chosen you for

greatness and the gates of opportunity

stand open before

you cease underestimating your own

capabilities it is not a mere suggestion

but a directive from on

high banish all doubts regarding your

worthiness for with my Divine assistance

you’re capable of achieving remarkable

Feats remember you are never alone

for I have proven time and again that I

am by your side ready to guide you

towards your ultimate

Destiny believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you God for those who hold

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