God Says: Devil’s Plan Will Succeed If You Ignore Me | God Message Today |

my beloved child you should know that I

live in your heart and I’m very close to

you what a wonderful truth it is that I

live in you it changes your life now and

forever do not worry about whether you

are a good place for me to live I

happily live in the Humble Hearts of

Believers and work patiently to fix them

up and change them but I can’t live with

people who think they’re good enough

without me those people are like

whitewashed tombs they look nice on the

outside but smell bad on the inside let

your heart overflow with unending joy as

you think about the miraculous fact that

I live in you I’m not just a temporary

guest here to stay as long as your

behavior makes me happy I’m here to stay

for good however I need to warn you that

my Renovations can be painful at times

when my work to change you makes you

feel bad hold on to me with unwavering

trust have faith in the one who died for

you because he loved you you will become

more and more like the Masterpiece I

made you to be as you continue to accept

the changes I am making Focus your

thoughts on things that are good or

worthy of Praise whenever you come

across them even though this seems

obvious it goes against what most people

think it’s common for the media to focus

on what’s wrong and ignore the many good

things my people do not only does

keeping a positive attitude go against

the world it also goes against how

people normally act the fall messed up

your mind which was a beautiful creation

focusing on Excellence is not something

that just happens you have to work at it

every day making the right choice every

day Moment by moment choose to look for

the good even though your world has a

lot of problems there is still a lot to

praise and the person who deserves it

the most is right next to you closer

than your thoughts happy in me beloved

remember that you are on Holy Ground

when people bring their souls to you you

should just listen and love them not

rush to fix their problems because that

would make that Sacred Space dirty when

this happens some people may pull away

and others may be too hurt to realize

they’ve been hurt in either case you

miss a valuable chance to do your job

well you need the help of the Holy

Spirit on this Holy Ground ask him to

love you think about you and listen to

you my healing presence starts to work

on the other person as the spirit’s love

flows from you as long as they keep

listening your main job is to point them

toward me and my many resources you and

other people will be blessed if you

follow these rules on a deep level they

will feel my unwavering love and I will

show them the right path as you trust me

and listen my spirit will flow through

you like streams of Living Water

cleansing your soul I’m what makes you

strong when your weaknesses seem to be

screaming at you that you can’t do it

this truth becomes even more valuable

knowing that I am your strength is like

having a constant guide show you the way

get rid of problems and give you

strength for every step I have your

right hand and I’m giving you advice my

advice is the wisest you can imagine

because I am omniscient and know

everything don’t worry about your

weaknesses they are meant to teach you

to trust my loving presence and know

that I am with you will help you when

you let go of the idea that you can do

everything on your own the world becomes

less scary I also meet you where you are

weak and use those weaknesses to draw

other people to me my light shines

through all of your flaws let this love

Light Flow freely through you as you

keep looking to me your strength it will

fill you with joy that spills over into

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