God Says: Can You Give Me Your 2 Minutes Today? | God Message Today |

my child have faith in me the time is

right while I’m getting ready to bless

you I’m setting things up so that when

the time comes you will easily receive

those blessings I give you peace and

patience use them well do not act on

your feelings without thinking first do

not rush through things or make big

decisions without talking to me first

it’s not my intention for you to get

caught up in

misunderstandings do not make deals with

people who are not your

friends this message is to let you know

that I will help you please wait don’t

get into more debt you’ve been through

enough and I don’t want you to set

yourself back in the future your life

will soon be brightened and you will

know my grace and

kindness I will break all of your chains

and bonds so that you can live a free

life without anyone else controlling you

we will make a new plan plan for you to

follow together this is our secret

something that you and I have known for


while keep your plans and projects close

to your heart don’t tell anyone what

you’re up to because there are many

jealous and Shady people around you they

will make fun of you like they have in

the past and try to stop you by telling

you about the times you failed that time

is over though your heart has changed

and now you depend on me you will do

well in everything you do and as I

already said you will be blessed things

that are bothering you will get better

and doors will open I will free people

from chains and shackles bringing them

peace and wealth without stress or

debt don’t let what other people do


you as long as you trust me and do the

right thing no one can hurt you or your

family know that I will be with you

every day until the end my word is

enough to heal you the supernatural

natural power that comes from it is

enough to give you life and help you

rise this is now yours to

use thoughts of pain can’t hold you back

and you can’t keep thinking that you

deserve the bad things that happened to

you because of your sins you live in a

world that is troubled but it has been

one over you are God’s child and he

promised you this you must always trust

and believe in me and even in the worst

things that happen in this world you

will win I can see that you still cry

for hours on end and I have no idea why

I will tell you what is making you

suffer a strong desire to be with me

again your whole body knows that without

me you can’t do anything your heart

misses me and your spirit Longs for me

you might not be able to catch up with

life and you still haven’t found the

peace and happiness you’ve been looking

for every day it seems like your loved

ones are getting farther away but pay

attention because I’m still standing

next to you and there is a spring where

blessings flow it takes away all your

pain and thirst quenching your life and

soul if you drink this water and wash

away your sad thoughts you’ll never

thirst again I promise your faith has

paid off my word is enough I healed you

today you let me in because you opened

the door I’m going to stay here and

bless and watch over your family I will

also bless you in ways you can’t

imagine I think you might be feeling a

little sad

today I can tell by the look on your sad

face that you need to find the strength

to keep going on your journey with joy

do not be afraid to come you do not need

to go through your days without hope or

motivation I am after all your father

and I don’t live somewhere far away

where you can’t reach my love I’ve

always been here with you even if you

forget sometimes please raise your hand

and give it to

me let’s take a a short stroll through

the paths of your thoughts what are you

scared of why do you not want to live

anymore why do you want to throw away

your future the world can be mean that’s

true the look in your eyes when you were

a kid was interested and full of hope

for the best you gave those you called

friends your pure Smile as a sign of

friendship lies and betrayals on the

other hand destroyed your hope your

laughter and your will to live I lost

your trust and belief in me and your

love turned darker but now believe me I

get it I know you better than the sky

itself also just like I know the name of

every Star I know every burden wound and

pain you feel we talk the same language

and I know what will make you feel

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