God Says: Can You Give Me Your 2 Minutes, Child? | Jesus Affirmations

my child I am writing to you from a

place of love and understanding I want

you to know how much I care about you

and how generous I am it makes me happy

to give you all of my blessings but

there is one thing I ask don’t think you

deserve them if I give you blessings

please accept them with gratitude but be

ready to give them back to me when the

time comes without getting angry in this

world you may face situations that make

it hard for you to be happy it can be

very painful and sad to lose something

important in your life like your job

your home your health or a loved one at

this point it’s normal to feel sad but I

beg you to learn to see the good things

that are still there and the joy in the

person who will always be by your side

the Apostle Paul learned through his

many trials that it is possible to be

sad and always is happy at the same time

the Holy Spirit gave Paul the power to

be happy even when things were bad and

he can do the same for you but you have

to be ready to let go of anything I take

away from you even if it hurts then give

me your full attention and trust that I

will never let go of you if the stress

of your situation is getting to you

please take a moment to listen to my

voice listen to me do not be afraid have

courage it is I I know that trusting me

and being able to listen to me when

you’re stressed is hard sometimes it’s

hard to hear my soft whisper because

your mind is so busy during that time

ask the Holy Spirit to help you calm

down so you can hear my voice always

remember that I the Prince of Peace am

with you and will always be there for

you know that I’m not only with you I

understand what you’re going through I

am also in charge of everything that

happens in your your life I never make

bad things happen but I can use bad

things that happen to you for your own

good this doesn’t take away the pain you

may be feeling but it gives it purpose

and meaning because of this I urge you

to be brave even when life is rough it

is I find signs of my constant presence

in the things that are going on around

you if you really want to find me you

will your life can be good even if

things outside of you don’t go the way

you want them to I get that you want to

be in charge but my ways are different

from yours I want you to learn to trust

me more and see every day as a gift from

me no matter what it brings you are not

responsible for things that are out of

your control be aware of how limited you

are and keep your eyes on me don’t try

so hard and know that I am God please

feel my loving presence which can make

even the worst day better you can

experience a deep sense of Peace when

you learn to let go of your need to be

in charge and yield to my sovereign

guidance this peace is beyond

understanding and Beyond what people can

understand it’s a gift from God that

comes from how much I love you I am your

steady anchor in the midst of life’s

unknowns and troubles in a world that is

always changing I am the source of

stability and safety that doesn’t change

when you put your trust in me you can

escape the storms that are about to hit

you my presence is your safe haven a

place to rest and recharge where you can

feel comfort and strength remember that

I am always by your side as you go

through the ups and downs of life there

are valleys and mountaintops where I

walk with you and stand with you there

is nowhere you can go that I can’t reach

and nothing is too hard for me to handle

trust in my love that will never fail

sweetheart and let it hold your soul

steady know that I am always with you

leading you comforting you and

supporting you through every trial and

victory if you come to me you will find

peace that goes beyond all understanding

this is the peace that comes from

knowing that I love and forgive you

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