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if your eye is pure there will be

sunshine in your soul Matthew

when we have an attitude of faith

we are positive hopeful expecting good

things that pure eye is letting Sunshine

into our life but when we go around

stressed out worried or thinking the

clouds over our health or finances are

never going to change that’s stopping

the sun it’s causing more clouds to roll

in more defeat and more mediocrity we

have have to start letting some sunshine

into our life it doesn’t start with God

it starts with us instead of being

discouraged by the dark clouds our

attitude should be any moment this can

change healing is coming promotion is

coming the right person is coming

breakthroughs are coming if you want to

see the clouds open up you have to have

this expectancy shake off the negativity

quit talking about what’s not working

out and turn it around God I know you’re

in control of these clouds they will

pass I believe at any moment I’m going

to see that unexpected Sunshine like if

you believe in

God for still the vision awaits its

appointed time if it seems slow wait for

it it will surely come it will not delay


dear friend in the Old Testament the

Israelites had several different

National feasts such as the Passover

that they were to observe at set times

each year the times had been ordained by

God and couldn’t be changed these were

special times that God had already

established to show his people favor

just as it was with them there are

appointed times God has already ordained

to show out his favor in your life after

years of things being routine you’ll

come into set times of growth and

increase God will thrust you from the

background to the foreground accelerate

your dreams and make things happen

faster than you thought problems will

unexpectedly turn around even though it

looks impossible you need to get ready I

believe you’ve come into one of your set

times of favor the creator of the

universe is breathing on your life in a

new way his power of favor is greater

than any Force that’s trying to come

against you your appointed time is

established a prayer for today father

thank you that this is myo appointed

time for favor thank you that you are

breathing on my life in a new way and

helping me do what I could not do on my

own I believe that my set time is

established and you will make it happen

father thank you that I walk by faith

and not by sight thank you that your

power can turn clouded situations around

open the right door and bring an

abundance of unexpected favor I am

living with a sense of expectancy that

you are about to bring some unexpected

sunshine in jesus’ name amen like and

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