God is saying to you

today my child I see all the challenges

and negativity swirling around you but


what that means something really good is

about to come your

way it’s no accident that things get

tough right when you’re about to achieve


goals don’t let the haters get to you

you’re stronger than they realize and

they’re just trying to throw you off


game but you’ve got what it takes to

shut down the negativity and face those

who are against

you type yes Holy Father to

affirm you’re not alone and you’re not

defenseless let’s talk about how awesome

it is to have a positive mindset and

learn for my teachings and

rules I keep telling you to stay strong

in keep going even when things get

tough the bad guys might try to bring

you down but don’t worry I’ve got your

back I’ve made you clean and filled you

up with Good

Vibes I’m powerful and you’re like a

mini me made in my

image this is all really great news that

should make you feel happy and

grateful so do you believe in me

I love you and want you to forget about

all your

worries with me by your side you’ll

always feel

better I’m sending peace your way so no

matter what happens you’ll stay strong


unafraid you can trust that I’m with you

every step of the way protecting you

from anything that tries to bring you

down when you feel sad just listen to my

voice voice and your heart will be

filled with

joy whether you’re alone in your room or

facing tough times remember that I am

always by your

side type yes Father if you

believe just call out to me and I will

shower you with love and

comfort I will show you the beauty of

heaven and you will feel energized and

peaceful all your worries and fears are

in my hands so there’s no need to be

afraid leave behind the pain and guilt

and focus on the bright future I have

planned for

you type

if you

believe live in the present and look

forward to what’s to

come take a deep breath and smell the

sweet scent of healing that will lift

you up and make your dreams come

true you have the power to achieve great

things and bring blessings to your loved

ones don’t doubt yourself or think

you’re not good

enough what really matters is having

pure thoughts and showing love with all

your heart Body and

Soul believe in yourself and reject any

negative thoughts that come your

way remember if I believe in you then

you can achieve anything

get ready to receive all the Miracles

come in your

way trust me with all your heart and

focus on my

words I will never deceive you my love

for you is unbreakable and

Limitless just keep your commitment

strong and believe in yourself and

you’ll see that there’s nothing you

can’t do with my

help some people might try to tell you

that I don’t care about you that I’m far

away and don’t want to

help but that’s not true at

all I love you so much and I want you to


that I’m always trying to show you how

much I care in every little thing around

you I want you to see my love everywhere


look I want you to feel it in your

heart I will do anything to make sure

you know that my love is real

you are so loved and I want you to


that my words are here to help you grow

to make you stronger and to remind you

of my love for

you get used to hearing the word love

say it out loud feel it in your

heart when you do you’ll feel your fears

disappear and be replaced with a new

kind of

Bravery just like the Heroes of Faith

who have known me for centuries you can

feel my love and be

strong I’m here to tell you about all

the amazing things that can happen when

you believe in

me you’ll start to notice signs and

miracles that show I’m always with

you big changes are coming not just for

you but for your family and friends

too they’ll see all the good things

they’ve been missing out of

on this is your reward for having faith


me I’ll surround you with love and

blessings making every part of your life

better so keep moving forward with a

peaceful heart and Trust in my


amen daily you face battles adversaries

unleashing contrary Wings upon your

sails yet do not succumb come to

weariness in the face of

opposition grant me the privilege to

assist you let my love invelop you once

more reigniting the fervor of your

faith know this you are not vanquished

and the Horizon of your dream stretches


beyond will you spend moments alone in

my presence allowing my words to mend


broken fear not for I extend my hand as

a steadfast

companion together let us embark on this

journey taking the first step hand in

hand feel the warmth of My Embrace let

Joy overflow in your heart and peace

settled in your

mind you need not endure Perpetual

struggles feeling abandoned and

misunderstood though those around you

may be preoccupied IED with their own

trials I see your plight and offer my


support though it may not always be

apparent there are many who Harbor deep

affection for you and genuinely desire


well-being their hesitance to express

such feelings often stems from a fear of

rejection hence I urge you not to

overlook this

message allow joy to permeate your being

and let your countenance radiate with a

warm smile for it possesses the power to

instigate healing in miraculous

Transformations make a conscious effort

to smile at everyone you encounter today

even those who may not anticipate it and

observe how their dispositions

shift people will come to recognize you

as a steadfast Ally and fractured

relationships will gradually

mend you and I share an authentic and


Bond I have granted you a fresh

beginning purified your spirit and

guided you onto a path teeming with


opportunities you and you alone will

bear witness to the wondrous occurrences

unfolding around

you it is imperative that you wield

these bestowed gifts with prudence

becoming a source of blessings not only

to your immediate circle but also to The

Wider World beginning with your own

family as you embark on this journey

remain steadfast in your commitment and

never lose sight of the responsibilities

I have entrusted to

you whenever challenges arise rest

assured that my support is readily

available together we shall over

overcome obstacles with greater ease and

Ascend the metaphorical mountain of

Life your soul shall find Solace and

each day will be imbued with a sense of

Tranquility in the knowledge of my

unwavering Presence by your

side believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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