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God is saying to you today my child I have a special message just for you that’s meant to

uplift and bring peace to your soul I hope you’ll open your heart to what I have to say and really

take it in today I’m here to offer you hope and inspiration with Promises of amazing things to

come get ready for some mighty Miracles and Fant fastic dreams that are about to become a reality

in your life so pay attention because I’m here to tell you that the tough times you’ve been going

through are coming to an end trust in these words to Lead You towards a brighter future type yes

heavenly father if you believe I want to stress that we are currently going through tough times

where it seems like good and evil are battling it out it’s important to realize that there might be

obstacles trying to stop us from moving forward pushing us towards Despair and chaos but I want to

reassure you that you’re not alone in this fight just remember I’ve given you a purpose to look

out for those you care about and stay committed to the path I’ve set for you let this knowledge

give you strength as you tackle life’s hurdles stay true to your beliefs and let them guide you

from sunrise to sunset knowing you’ve bravely fulfilled your duties basically I encourage you

to keep going with a determined heart and a mind full of Faith you have what it takes to overcome

any obstacle that comes your way keep that spark of hope alive within you as it will like your way

through even the darkest nights type yes God if you believe as you wind down for the night and

get ready to sleep remember that your journey doesn’t stop when you close your eyes before

you drift off take a moment to pray and connect your time is valuable to me more than you know

each prayer you say makes you stronger so speak confidently and without hesitation let your voice

fill your home showing your faith if others doubt you respond with kindness knowing they’re missing

out on blessings repeat after me the Lord is my shepherd I lack nothing say it again this

time with even more passion and belief these words are are incredibly powerful going Way Beyond just

being words on a page they are sacred holding the potential to light a fire inside you pushing away

doubts sadness and the lies told by enemies I want to hear you confidently say My God Is My

Rock and my safe place who should I be afraid of the lord’s name is a strong Fortress I will go to

him for help and he will raise me up in his arms I will find comfort for my soul under his protection

I will find safety every syllable has the power to overcome challenges face fears and find peace

in tough times make these words your own as they are a light in Dark Times a source of strength

when things seem tough let these sacred words guide you showing you the way to a life full of

Faith bravery and unwavering determination Embrace their power and let them fuel your determination

my dear child take a moment to really focus on what I’m about to say close your eyes and

really listen to each word like you’re savoring it delicious treat Let My Words help you let go

of any past mistakes or troubles Reach Out stand tall and step into the amazing world I always talk

about your future is being shaped here and good things are coming your way it’s important to stick

to your beliefs and dive into what I’m teaching you you’re on the brink of experience in wonders

beyond your imagination feel the overwhelming Embrace of divine love surrounding you let your

heart dance with joy as my words resonate deep within you with each new day welcome the gentle

Whispers that guide you embrace my advice and allow it to lead you towards a brighter future

let me be your guiding hand leading you to a place where abundance awaits I am like a caring

father wanting nothing more than for you to find peace and break free from the burdens that have

haunted your family for Generations unnecessary worries irrational fears and the chaos of the Mind

together we will break free from these chains and create a life filled with tranquility and

fulfillment I want you to know that I’ve called upon a bunch bunch of angels to surround you

keeping you safe every step of the way you my dear child are not helpless it’s crucial that you stay

brave and strong facing challenges with unwavering courage even when you feel tired from your efforts

remember that your Brave spirit will carry you through right now by using my special name and the

power of my sanctifying I am setting you free from any ancestral curses I am getting rid of all hexes

sorcery charms and deceit that have been causing trouble in your family for Generations your heart

is now pure and free from many bad influences I want you to invite me into your life to fill

that empty space with my presence even though the enemy has been defeated it’s important that your

soul doesn’t stay empty and alone open the door and let me in I want to be a part of your life

forever believe in faith and positivity if you agree type and if you believe in God’s love

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