God Says, A Very Serious Decision is Made for You In “Heaven” About… । God’s message today #god


your upcoming days will be filled with

joy like you have never seen the spirit


sadness what God wants to give you

requires commitment patience and focus

so just hang in there you are about to

receive all that you

want type thank you God if you want to

receive His

blessings in order to receive it you

have it to trust the timing completely

that’s why it’s important to surrender

all expectations and allow the universe

to bring to you what you

deserve beautiful souls recognize

beautiful souls keep being genuine your

people will find

you offer yourself to the universe and

spread only Good Vibes and you will soon

meet the person that will match your

energy yes it is about to

happen type amen if you

believe when you surrender there are no

subconscious fears there is just love

and light so surrender to

him trust your intuition and let your

heart and soul guide you on this

wonderful journey of

life God says you are blessed with the

brightest future with the one you

desire remove all the doubts and trust

it affirm I am love I am

light I am here to shine so bright I am

living my best life now thank you God

Universe angels I am grateful for

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thank you so


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