God Says, A Heart Breaking Incident Is About To Happen…..✝️ God’s Message

my cherished child I am your God your

everpresent companion guide and

protector if my name has yet to Grace

your ears let this be our

introduction before your first breath I

chose you igniting a purposeful flame in


soul I am the architect of your days

showering your journey with an endless

Cascade of love and mercy as vast as the

ocean de deps I embody love the soft

Whisper of Peace in chaos and The

Guiding Light That Shepherds you through

Shadows Embrace this day as a canvas for

miracles painted with the brush Strokes

of Faith alongside you walks my spirit a

Vigilant guide on your journey lighting

the steps under your feet open your

heart wide to these truths etching them

into to your

essence be ready to emerge in pivotal

moments when you seek my

face the gates to my grace are forever

open to you approach with boldness and


fear I am here to mend the breaches in

your spirit soothe the Unseen scars and

release you from the grip of Shadows and

regrets let not your heart be troubled

nor your peace stolen away if you find

yourself unable to undo the knots of

your past seek humility ask for

forgiveness strive to make amends and

purify your

essence and for those who refuse to

Grant you Redemption leave them to

me you stand before me renewed cleansed


absolved know that every step every

stumble is part of your journey towards


light your past does not define you nor

do your mistakes dictate your

worth with each New Dawn I offer endless

possibilities for Renewal and growth so

carry forward my child unburdened by

yesterday’s Shadows stepping into the

light of my unwavering love and

forgiveness leave the past behind giving

me all that weighs you down the Shadows

that dim your joy the negative feelings

that trouble you allow my power to work

within your heart shattering chains of

fear obliterating Shadows of anxiety and

planting seeds of my holy word in

you I flood your soul with my grace

offering you the miracle of true Freedom

wrapping you gently In My Embrace of

Mercy I protect you with my my love

filling your life with uncounted

blessings today the ties that held your

spirit captive are broken transforming

your disposition calming your Fury and

turning your speech into a Fountain of

Praise infused with divine

power and in healing you are never

alone I have been with you all along

assuring you that come what may you must

walk by faith even when facing obstacles

and setbacks you move forward for I am

with you trust in my promises

wholeheartedly and I will guide you

toward your promised

salvation believe today with full

confidence that Miracles are within

reach for those who trust and surrender

to my

will nothing is insurmountable every

challenge hardship Triumph or defeat is

a chance to witness the vastness of my

love rest securely in my hands a legion

of angels guards your home watching over

you without

cease my spirit ensures no foe can tear

you apart or stir

Strife your family is precious to me my

love for you is boundless you are

eternally secure In My Embrace I am here

for you offering Solace encouragement

and nourishment through Divine

words granting you the sustenance of

eternal life you’ll never yearn for love

or seek validation from others I provide

you with living water happiness and

companionship will always be yours

without the need to

ask avoid placing your entire heart in

the hands of those who might let you

down my my spirit fulfills your deepest

desires igniting in you a passion to

live and chase your dreams a new hold on

to faith and trust come back to this

sanctuary of my presence Feast on my

teachings and wrap yourself in love and

optimism when you lean on my strength

follow my teachings and align with my

desires for you there are no bounds to


achievements live each day in gratitude

your thankfulness fills you with joy as

you are aware of the Miracles already

taking shape in your life begin each day

with a heart full of thanks declaring

with faith and earnestness today is a

day for

miracles my love is powerful I cherish

you in my embrace your faith will shape

your reality and trust me with your

burdens disc Comforts emotions and

ailments I am your God your

healer Miracles continue in this era

witness my love transforming your life

and your household shattering shackles

and ushering in momentous

changes expect my visit in your home I

will astonish you with the Wonders I


perform ready your heart discard fear

resentment doubt and every negative

emotion that robs your

peace bring to me all that troubles you

all that fills you with despair I will

bring healing believe in my words you

belong to me I hold you dear I wish not

for your suffering to persist you have

called out to me and my answer is

here cast aside skepticism and open your

heart to the profound love that brings


I’m here to heal you let me reassure you

once again I’ll ease your pain and

improve your overall

health I’ll refresh and bless you your

body your mind your family and even your

finances with my healing touch I’ll

Transform everything in your life so you

can live in peace and happiness ensuring

Harmony for you and your loved

ones you deserve a better future I won’t

let your doubts stop what I plan for you

you’ve come to a point where going alone

isn’t an option I’ll carry you lifting

you high towards the joy that’s


yours I’ll place a crown of dignity on

your head with my very hands though some

may have looked down on you jealous of

your strength those who have hurt you

will see their mistake they’ll come back

asking for your forgiveness needing your

help they’ll recognize that I am with

you those who’ve wronged you will seek

to make

amends when you hear these words kneel

and pray whether out loud or in your

heart give thanks for the blessings I

have given I know you do and I love

hearing your voice I’m about to open a

new door for you one that leads to to

prosperity and for your family I desire

your success in every aspect just as

your spirit flourishes you’ll be freed

from debt never lacking food on your

table and managing your obligations

without having to

borrow this is my desire for you and so

it shall be the challenges you face are

to build your patience and strengthen

your faith

I see how much you long for me every day

needing my love which you seek through

the prayers of your

heart listen closely I’m not talking

about fleeting blessings that disappear

quickly or can be stolen away I’m going

to unlock genuine opportunities for you

cultivating patience strength and

profound wisdom within your

heart seek me to deepen your spiritual

connection dive deeper into my teachings

and truly get to know

me these blessings are on their way but

you must accept them

humbly remember as a human You’re

vulnerable to Pride which the enemy

might use to lead you astray mock your

missteps criticize your errors and point

fingers at

you my goal is to protect you from

wrongdoing setting up safeguards for you

and your loved ones to keep danger at

Bay be alert and committed to prayer

because the adversary looks for moments

of inattention to

strike welcome my Guidance with gladness

let Joy be your strength as my plan

unfolds and my intentions come to

fruition the stage is set for you to

harvest richly from your efforts if

you’re facing hard times now if your

resources seem depleted trust that this

period is

temporary I assure you employment and

provision are on the

horizon value these opportunities and if

it’s work you need I will make a way

step forward confidently search out

chances for yourself and those you care

for for you hold Great Value to me

embrace this truth and allow the

Assurance of my love to fill you with

peace and happiness I am everpresent a

constant companion like no other

unshakable in my commitment to you close

your eyes and take in the sacred breath


offer if you must rush off carry this

Serene peace with you leaving your

worries behind with me even when you

feel unworthy know that I stand with you

out of unending love my support for you


unfaltering you long to be closer to me

but find yourself pausing just as you’re

about to let go of the burdens that

disrupt your peace doubt sneaks in and

you end up carrying that heavy load of

bitterness listen closely to my voice

let it soothing power heal

you I want to engrave my words deep

within in your

soul hear me clearly I love you you are

free I hold you with gentleness In My

Embrace safely in my hands as you face

various obstacles in your day remember

and feel my

presence I’ll be there Whispering

encouragement reminding you of my love

guiding you away from stray paths and


feelings I’ll ignite a lasting flame in

your heart when Shadows threaten to

chill and frighten you my light will

Blaze even brighter like the sun that

lights up your world darkness and evil

stand no chance against my eternal

glow any force that tries to bring you

sorrow today will be

vanquished give me a chance to show you

my love listen for my voice speaking

softly to you throughout your day

I’m anointing you with Heavenly oil

readying you for blessings I remove

misleading thoughts from your mind if

youve stumbled my forgiveness is here to

cleanse and Elevate

you I don’t desire to see you

overwhelmed by fear and guilt haunted by


errors I’m not here to condemn or punish

you on Beyond mere

judgment I’m here to offer my love

if punishment were my goal you wouldn’t

be standing

here consider the depth of my love

that’s been waiting for you don’t turn

away for you stand at a Crossroads with

two paths to choose from One path leads

to truth and everlasting life guiding

you towards a glorious

future the other leads away from me

following me might not make life simpler

but I promise my unwavering support and

guidance my spirit will comfort you in

times of sorrow and my teachings will

light your

way you’re always welcome in my presence

day or night trust me with your heart

and I will protect and cherish them I

will envelop them in love joy abundance


peace I’ll Shield you from adversar IES

the Destroyer the thief and deceitful

companions your dwelling will be guarded

by Legions of angels poised for battle

ready to Shield you from any assault or

Menace my constancy transcends time

unchanging from yesterday today to

forever as surely as days follow nights

and stars light up the darkness my

presence will perpetually unfold you

trust that I will confront any foe who

threatens you fear nothing and no

one your household is under my watch you

are never

isolated this moment has been ordained

for me to assure you of the immense

blessings on their path to

you you are chosen named by me and you

are mine I will never forsake

you even if there comes a time when you

feel distant from me you’ll find

yourself yearning for the days I stood

by you reached out and saved you from

Peril I’ve been your peace and turmoil

your constant when all else turned

away my gaze upon you has always been

one of

compassion my love for you is unending

and flourishes through every season

through joy and hardship wealth and want

wellness and

ailment I am committed to you forever

you sense my nearness today a feeling

that will

endure dismiss any inklings of Doubt no

force can sever the bond of love the

serenity the profound Joy I hold for you

you are beloved you will lack for

nothing that is my promise I am your

sustainer always mindful of your

circumstances and needs do not worry

about current challenges simply close

your eyes remember my promises and your

spirit and heart will be filled with

peace and

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watching amen

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