God Says: 98% People Just Ignored Me; Will You Skip?

my beloved child I’m ready to bless you

you are ready to receive everything I

have planned for you besides that I want

you to leave behind your bad times and

stop feeling like you failed I’m going

to tell you something none of my

children are failures and you will never

be one either I care about you love you

prepare you and correct you you get back

up if you fall you tell me when you’re

wrong and and I’ll forgive you with love

and patience you pick yourself up shake

off the dirt and keep your faith in my

word keep your eyes on the goal while my

daughters and sons do make mistakes they

keep going with the humility to admit

they were wrong ask for my forgiveness

and let go of all feelings of defeat and

guilt you have always done well you are

being hurt and stolen from by someone

who knows how you feel but everything

that was taken from you will come back

to you you should get used to having

emotional freedom in your life stop

blaming yourself for things that

happened in the past and don’t punish

yourself by not giving yourself a chance

to succeed I want you to grow in your

faith and grow in your trust in me I’m

going to tell you to do things that may

not seem possible please understand my

child that I have picked you to bless

everyone you care about that being said

I want you to be careful about what you

hear and see I want my word to be the

most important thing in your life feed

on it and become one with my Holy Spirit

by reading listening speaking writing or

singing do everything I tell you to do

with spirit and Truth learn how to

handle it I will give you many good

things but you need to take care of them

I’m not going to put you up so that you

feel too important and cocky if you want

my blessings to grow you must be humble

when you use the power I give you do not

let people talk badly about other people

do not use your hands or words to hurt

people who respect you help you or give

you a job that you need to make money

working hard to help others being a

blessing to your family and working hard

to help others you have been chosen by

me to bear fruit go where I send you and

bring wealth and blessing into your home

I’m here to talk to you as a friend you

must choose to follow me and obey me if

you want your life to change promise me

that you will you are moving on to a new

stage and you will do well if you do as

a warrior I chose you to bring your

family forward and Lead You from Victory

to Victory I will be with you in all

your victories from glory to glory

through your Praise My Sweet Child I

love you the best of the best I am going

to bless you I made the right choice

when I picked you I’m doing this because

I I want you to know how much I love you

along with my servants you will come

back to earth to fight the armies of

Darkness you should get ready because

one day you will rule with me but until

then don’t stop praying and keep looking

for me I want you to promise to do what

I want say it to me in your own words I

will always love you share this video

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