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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

beloved child my heartbreaks when

relationships are Shattered by conflict

and betrayal but take hope with my help

reconciliation and restoration is

possible do not give up bring your

heartache and disappointment to me first

allow my unconditional love to comfort

and heal you before trying to mend what

is broken in my presence you will find

strength pray blessings over those who

have hurt you deeply forgiveness

precedes true

reconciliation ask me to soften your

heart and give you understanding for

what they have endured do not let

bitterness take root as quickly as

possible release the offense into my

hands I am the righteous judge and will

deal justly with all forgiveness frees

you to move forward

approach the one who wronged you humbly

without accusation or contempt own your

part in the rift type Amen in the

comments and don’t forget to share this

message with up to three people so that

God can help you being quick to

apologize for any hurt you caused stay

Grace centered speak gently and leave

room for growth and change resist trying

to control outcomes or hammer out every

detail give the relationship space to

Blossom Again Naturally my beloved

reconciliation requires Great patience

and overlooking of offenses think highly

of the other believing the best my love

hopes and endures all things where trust

has been broken both sides must

demonstrate Goodwill and accountability

over time be firm yet gracious as

consistency is rebuilt guard your heart

against bitterness which only breeds

more pain remember how I have forgiven

you choosing to separate your sins from

you offer this same Mercy do not keep

score or demand perfect reciprocity at

all times in

humility be the first to reach out and

restore act justly love Mercy walk

humbly with me my child do not expect to

immediately pick back up where you left

off trust needs to be rebuilt over time

through small meaningful

interactions start

there understand that not everyone is

ready to reconcile when you are give

others space and Grace to work through

their wounds without judgment or

demands where your attempts at

restoration are

rejected do not despair you have done

your part with sincerity pray that their

hearts be stirred to reopen the door in

due time even if you suffer

unjustly entrust yourself to me the

righteous judge love those who have

wounded you deeply overcome evil with my

enduring good my beloved child you honor

me profoundly when you cover the sins of

others forgiving quickly and completely

as I have forgiven you this is my heart

approach others in the same gentle uh

humble manner I approach you when you

disappoint me speak words that heal and

lift up not

condemn when you have been deceived take

time to grieve but do not allow roots of

bitterness to remain as I comfort you

determine to sincerely bless those those

who harmed you my precious one vengeance

is mine I see all and will deal justly

with every offense in my proper timing

resist trying to force your own justice

leave room for me to act even if the

other person continues in patterns of

unhealth and blindness love them

sincerely from a distance stay free of

entanglements but respond with Integrity

when your paths cross my beloved you

have been entrusted with my Ministry of

reconciliation approach all

relationships fractured or flourishing

with steadfast love Grace and Truth when

you have wronged others be quick to take

responsibility for your part make

restitution where needed if you want God

grace always upon you then please

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message took us a lot of effort humility

paves the way for True

reconciliation cultivate a posture of

humility sincerity and Care in all your

connections nourish relationships

constantly in small but meaningful ways

prevention is powerful do not demand

that trust be immediately restored in

your timing demonstrate good faith over

time through Dependable actions words

alone mean little without changed

Behavior understand that reconciliation

between two fallible humans will never

be complete this side of

Eternity as you are gracious with others

flaws I am gracious with with yours

where you encounter resistance overcome

it with acts of love and service few

Hearts remain hard in the face of

undeserved sacrifice love awakens love

if you want God’s message to guide you

further like the video and share it as

much as possible my beloved child never

underestimate the power of living your

life as a fragrant offering Walking In

Love Purity righteousness and integrity

this brings me Glory even if the breach

cannot currently be repaired you honor

me profoundly through forgiving fully

and sincerely release others into my

hands I restore what was taken my

precious one you have been made an

ambassador of reconciliation by the

power of my cross every relationship is

an opportunity to reveal my enduring

love when you have been hurt avoid

rehearsing the stories and nursing the

wounds keep your eyes fixed on me I will

lead you to wholeness Resto restoring


joy understand that every conflict

involves misunderstanding and wrongdoing

on both sides approach reconciliation in

true humility recognizing your own flaws


failures broken relationships provide an

opportunity to rely more fully on me as

your comforter and counselor pour out

your heart freely in my

presence here you find

Refuge do not let Pride prevent you from

taking the first step to reconcile even

if you were clearly wronged act in Godly

wisdom not worldly

foolishness pursue

peace my beloved child you have my

spirit living within you empowering you

to act as an instrument of healing in

broken places yield to this work in you

do not speak negatively about those who

have caused you pain refuse to

perpetuate toxic narratives that prevent

restoration instead intercede in prayer

when you have been betrayed give

yourself time and space to grieve the

loss but do not remain

victimized receive my strength to

forgive and move

forward understand that broken trust

makes people feel unsafe creating space

for them to process wounds shows honor

listen without defensiveness to their

perspective do not Badger others with

excessive communication when they

request time apart this can feel

coercive exact asserting hurt allow

people space to process and re-engage

voluntarily imagine how readily I

receive you back when you fail me yet

again extend the same lavish Grace to

others forgive without tallying offenses

or demanding

restitution Justice says flaws and

failures deserve punishment you deserve

to be cast out but Mercy says neither do

I condemn you this is the Paradigm of

reconciliation with relationship ships

that cannot presently be restored do not

demonize or gossip about them speak

graciously or not at all trusting me


outcomes my precious child you have my

empowerment to approach Brokenness with

humility sincerity and courage do not

recoil in fear from what is damaged when

you wrong others take full

responsibility do not justify your words

or actions make Swift amends without

demanding apology in return lead

courageously all relationships go

through seasons of Discord and

realignment with patience and wisdom

these can become opportunities for

growth not collapse

persevere understand that betrayal Cuts

deeply and time is required for healing

be quick to forgive but also patient as

trust is gradually rebuilt through

consistency rather than demanding

apologies or restitution simply make

changes that address root issues causing

harm preventative action speaks louder

than words lead by example I never give

up on you my

beloved I pursue connection no matter

how often we are separated by your

Rebellion have this same tenacious

devotion with others if you believe in

God then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the comments my

precious child have hope though hearts

are flawed in this life in eternity all

will be made new

what is incomplete now will be perfected

in My Kingdom I take no pleasure when

relationships end bitterly rather than


restored offer forgiveness quickly this

is the balm that leads to True

reconciliation my spirit empowers you to

love others well in the midst of

Brokenness and

betrayal abide in me I will make you an

instrument of healing when you have been

hurt avoid rehearsing stories of

Injustice that breed bitterness and

trust you your cause to me I will

vindicate you in proper time approach

relationship breaches as opportunities

for soul refinement if both parties are

humble and sincere Healing Begins when

my love flows

freely understand that restoration

between two Fallen humans will never be

complete this side of heaven but my

redeeming grace is sufficient as you

walk in

sincerity my beloved child you honor me

profoundly by pursuing peace and

Reconciliation from a heart made whole

by my love and for

forgiveness this is my calling though

others have wounded you deeply continue

walking in righteousness integrity and

Purity let the Injustice draw you closer

to me as your

Vindicator Human Relationships

inevitably involve misunderstanding and

failure but my grace abounds all the

more stay Anchored In My Love which

endures and hopes

forever do not lose heart my

child one act of sincere love love and

humility holds tremendous power it can

become the small crack that love flows

through to heal

Brokenness take comfort

beloved nothing catches me by surprise I

will use every hurt and Injustice to

refine you into the image of Christ if

you allow me trust my heart I know your

desire to reconcile important

relationships that seem fractured Beyond

repair do not

despair with me all things are possible

believe this my precious child you honor

me profoundly when you cover the sins of

others forgiving quickly and completely

as I have forgiven you this is my heart

the breaches you see around you are

opportunities to demonstrate my

Supernatural love and forgiveness rise

to this calling partner with me in

restoration do not let anger or

Vengeance take root in your spirit any

distance between us is unbearable run to

me allow my perfect love to heal heal

your heart and soften it toward others

if you believe that God will help you

please subscribe to the channel if you

do not believe feel free to leave even

if reconciliation is not possible today


sincerely this will guard your heart


bitterness entrust Justice and

restitution to my capable hands in

proper time understand betrayal Cuts

deeply and the rebuilding of trust

requires Great patience over time think

highly of others believing the

best my love hopes and endures forever

amen my child click on the join button

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